Kobe-Shaq Feud Dates Back To High School

Thanks to the good folks over at The Sports Culture, we now know that the Kobe-Shaq feud dates all the way back to high school. First, let’s look at Kobe Bryant’s yearbook photo…

He’s got that BBD/Shawn Kemp/Reggie Miller hairdo going on. Not bad. The suit is also dapper and the trademark winning smile is intact. Same old G.

Now Shaquille O’Neal’s…

Fat? Check. Goofy? Check. Dressed like a clown? Check. Wannabe Hulk Hogan facial hair? Check. Even back then, Shaq was a douche.

As you can see, not a lot has changed over the years. Well, except that one of these guys can still get it done on the court, while the other’s more concerned with stuffing his face and rapping (if you can call it that) how his ass tastes.

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