10 Things I Hate About You: Pistons

10. You gave the basketball world Dennis “the Worm” Rodman and Isiah Thomas. In related news, Rodman gave his worm to Thomas.

9. Allen Iverson. Because of him my unborn kids will never want to “practice.”

8. Tayshaun Prince can ball, but dude looks like he’s about to “phone home.”

7. In most towns, people with speech impediments get clowned on. In Detroit, they get to be the PA announcer.

6. Thanks for making me sit through the 2005 NBA Finals. Watching you guys play the Spurs was like watching the PBA tour or something.

5. Wálter Herrmann — half Fabio, half Hanson brother.

4. Kwame Brown, aka Waffle Iron Hands.

3. Rip Hamilton, I thought I was skinny at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. 6-foot-7, 190 pounds? Rip in half, maybe. Who’s your strength and conditioning coach, Snoop Dogg?

2. The birdshit on the back of Sheed’s dome.

1. The Motown Melee ruined Reggie’s chance to get a ring. Thanks to these pricks, only two of my three favorite players (the Captain, Kobe and Reg) have rings. Those Bad Boy scumbags also embarrassed a Kareem (4-0) and Kobe (4-1) team in the Finals. If Boston sucks, then Detroit rusty trombones.

  • Jason

    “In related news, Rodman gave his worm to Thomas.”


  • http://lakeshowlife.com Kareem Abdul-Adam

    At least that’s what I heard.

  • Rip

    HaHaHa, we beat your ass just like 2004.

    Add that to your list chump!!!

  • Rip

    I hope you guys keep this up all year. Would be great to see you in the finals again.


  • Rip


  • http://pistonsnationblog.com PistonsNation.com

    Being the self professed Pistons hater you are last night must have been rough on you. My condolences sir.

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  • http://lakeshowlife.com Kareem Abdul-Adam

    Don’t feel too special, fellas, as every team will get this treatment before the season’s over. Good game, though. I’m sure we’ll see you again down the road, maybe even in the Finals. I’m looking forward to it.