Loverboy, Leo And The Leprechaun

Either this is a new episode of Entourage where E begs Leo to drop a role so Vince can take it, but Leo only has time to do it while he’s mentoring Leo-in-training Zac Efron at a Lakers game, or…it’s just weird. I actually like Leo a ton as an actor (and he’s a true fan!), but, seriously, what is he doing at the game with Mr. High School Musical 6000 and HBO’s lucky leprechaun? Is Kevin Connolly a makeshift Tobey Maguire? Is Leo now taking pretty boy apprentices? Odd.

(hat tip: Just Jared)

  • elle

    I hate myself a lot for knowing this, but fairly sure Connolly is one of Leo’s “boys” from back in the day like Tobey (and Lucas Haas).

  • Kareem Abdul-Adam

    Lukas Haas was awesome in Brick. He was recently in Entourage, too, so that all makes sense. But Efron? Maybe Leo just feels sorry for him as he’s seemed to take over the mantel that Leo once held. Judging by this Welles movie Linklater is directing Efron in, it seems like Zac wants to be more Leo 2008 than 1998, which I think is a good move for him long term.