PPG: The Warriors Get Bopped Like It Was '79 Again

I could talk about Kobe Bryant dropping 30 with 9 dimes. I’m not going to. I could talk about Pau Gasol doing his typical non-Bynum work. Not going to. I could even rave about Lamar Odom continuing his inspired play of late. Again, not going to.

What I would rather talk about is — no, not that the Warriors play defense that would even offend Mike D’Antoni — Josh Powell, Luke Walton and Trevor Ariza.

J-Peezy put up 16-7 in less than 25 minutes of burn. I think he’s the reason Chris Mihm became the Lakers seven-foot stimulas package. He just keeps on getting better, and the kid plays hard. I’m not gonna lie — I’m a huge fan.

Trevor Ariza. You all already know how I feel about the Venezuelan Vendetta. 17 points, 2 steals, looking like a gazelle in the process. The reason why Vlad Radmanovic is chillin’ in Charlotte right now.

Last but not least, Luke Statstuffer. The guy isn’t going to put up monster numbers in any one category, but it always seems like he puts up assists, points, rebounds and steals every single night. He also hustles, plays heady basketball and makes his teammates better. He almost always has a good plus/minus score as well.

If the Lakers are going to win a title, these three guys are going to have to play larger roles than in the past. And that’s exactly why their performances were the story of the game.

    Video Highlights:

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