Andrew Bynum And Rihanna Dating?

Looks like Andrew Bynum is becoming a star off the court as well as on it. From Pacman Jonesin’:

Various websites, including The Big Lead, are reporting that oft-injured Lakers big man Andrew Bynum has been seen around town in the company of one Robyn Fenty, better known as Rihanna.  Now, if Andrew were just a normal NBA baller out for some action, and Rihanna just a run-of-the-mill R&B songstress with a thing for athletes, this would not be much of a story.  Bynum and Rihanna, however…let’s just be nice and say the two of them are toting some baggage these days, and the potential intermixture of said baggage is what gives these rumors their heat.

As long as those knees hold up, I’ve got your back, player. Honestly, I’m impressed. First the Playboy Bunnies deal then this? Who knew your pimp game would be light years ahead of your hoops game at this point? Considering how far your basketball career has come, that’s saying something.

Just don’t pull a Chris Brown on her. That and when it’s game time — “Shut Up And Drive.” You’re old enough to do that, right, Diaper Drew?

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