Houston Rockets 6th Man award

NBA 6th Man Award Might Need A Recount

Even the TNT crew had to take a second look at one of the horrendous out of bounds calls.  There was a 2 or 3 minute period there where there were no less than 3 calls (viewed in slow motion on replay) where the crew got it completely wrong.  It was right in the middle of a Houston tear.

Sure, the Lakers played dreadful ball and didn’t deserve to win.  But you have to at least give them a chance. Tonight, the refs were like the Rockets’ sixth man. That always makes things tough.

Well done, though, Rockets.  You had a championship caliber team up against the ropes and didn’t let them get back in it.  Not an easy thing to do- we’ll get you back later this week.

  • Christina

    Wow. A Laker blog complaining about the refs?? Seriously, whine more. They didn’t even call a foul when Battier had his head split open by Vujacic. It wasn’t malicious or purposeful but it was still a hard foul and they missed it. Hell, Battier had to yell at the refs to get them to notice he was gushing blood everywhere!

    Laker fans complaining about the refs is quite hilarious, considering your team gets the benefit of the doubt 9 times out of 10, and considering the NBA fixed a game for you to win that should have eliminated you from the playoffs. I bet it makes you feel really great to have a championship handed to you on a silver platter. Nothin’ like earning it!

  • http://www.ryankane.com Ryan Kane

    Complaining about subjective foul calls is one thing. Go watch the replay of when Lamar Odom was on a breakaway and made a dunk that was waved off because he stepped out of bounds around mid court. Even the TNT guys had to cut away from the replay as it showed he was inside the line without a doubt.

    If you watch the replay when Battier was bleeding, you’ll notice Pau was also yelling at the refs to get them to notice Battier’s face. Incidentally, if you want a foul called on that, do you think there should have been a foul called when Pau’s eyelid got torn open at the start of the game? I believe both were incidental contact and neither deserved a call.

    How about the LA fans cheering and supporting Yao when he walked back out of the tunnel after flexing his knee? It made me proud to see the fans respect an opponent like that.

  • HoustonForever

    Wow stay classy L.A. You know Houston fans had to deal with this “OH ITS THE REFS FAULT” crap in the first round from the Failblazer fans. If anything the refs give Kobe a nice backrub. Look at the play where Kobe ‘fell’ on Shane and then practically beat Shane on his way up. Rockets in 6.

  • http://www.ryankane.com Ryan Kane

    It’s one thing to point out a specific play in which an out of bounds call was clearly missed, and altogether different when there’s a blanket statement of “the refs lost us the game.”

    Apparently, you seem to think Houston fans would never think of saying such a thing.

  • Hurricane Levels Houston

    “Failblazers” Haha. Did you come up with that one yourself or did it take the combined room temperature intellect of you Rockettes fans to think that one up?

    Wow, you made it out of the first round finally. Here’s a cookie.

  • kdogg

    Apparantly, Kobe cannot get away with enough incidences of assault on and off the court to appease the Laker faithful. Kobe’s collision with Yao should have been called a charge as Kobe put his head down and barrelled into him, Kobe should have been given a flagrant or technical for attacking Battier unprovoked when they got tangled up. Oh, and while I’m at it, Vujashlitz definitely mauled/fouled Battier and it didn’t get called. The call that I’m sure all lakers fans wanted in the 4th was correct as the ball clearly went off Bryan’t’s fingertips. Hey Lakers players, coach and fans, the last time I heard you unjustly crying about the refs like this was last year when you were getting ready to lose a series against a team in green….it just ain’t gonna work so get a grip. Hate the game not the refs.