Bozo Seger Interviews Yao Ming (TNT)

Phil Jackson Clowns Sager, Calls Him "Bozo"

The only thing that put a smile on Lakers fans’ faces tonight — well, besides that Jordan Farmar sighting and Shane Battier bleeding like Dusty Rhodes in a steel cage match — was Phil Jackson. Even though our Lakers lost, it was good to see that Phil hasn’t lost his sense of humor. The Zen Master remains calm. Check out this classic zinger he burned flamboyant sideline reporter Craig Sager with…

“Try to get you away from my bench with that Bozo the Clown suit you’ve got on there. Scaring my people. Look at this thing.” – Phil Jackson to TNT’s Craig Sager, before the fourth quarter of Rockets-Lakers Game 1.

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  • Ryne Nelson

    That’s some high praise in Sager’s book. ;-)

  • Christina

    Anybody else think it’s ironic for Phil to be dissing Sager’s suit when it matches the Lakers home uniforms so nicely?

    And I know you’re having a hissy fit over your team losing, but how the fuck was it enjoyable to see a classy player like Shane Battier get hit head split open and gush blood everywhere? That’s never fun to see.

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  • Badran

    I think , There no energy left on Phil Jackson , He is really bad coach these days. I am very sorry to say that. He never ask for time out during team need time out. His Energy level just not there for team.
    His has to be worse team in NBA now.