Ron Artest Gets Ejected (Video)

Let me set the record straight. That was a foul on Kobe Bryant — not Ron Artest. BUT it was Kobe playing hard-nosed, physical basketball and not a malicious elbow at all.

That being said, Ron Artest has to realize that he of all people can not run around like a crazy person on a basketball court. Everyone from David Stern to Reggie Miller had a “where is he running to now?” moment there for a second, including the refs. He looked like Mike Tyson at a weigh-in or something.

Given his history, the refs had to do what they did there. The game was already getting out of hand. His teammates should have stepped in before he ever ran up on Kobe. As a teammate, you have to keep an eye on Ron. Just the way it is.

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  • 3rd Party Observer

    The elbow may not have been meant for Ron’s neck, but it was most certainly on purpose. If you think otherwise, take of the purple goggles and look again.

  • Martin

    Even a foul call on Kobe would have been questionable.

    If you advance the video frame by frame you can see Artest over the top of Kobe w/ his left hand on head. Kobe was just jockeying for position and you’re allowed to do that. Kobe’s body position in the frame where Artest appears to fly backward doesn’t show an elbow throw. If someone throws an elbow their body naturally twists to the side of the swing. You can see clearly in both frames that Kobe is facing forward and just jockeying for position. Artest did a great job of acting. Kenny & CB should have done a better job of flushing out the facts not backing Artest. They’ve got better access to video footage than we do.