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The NBA All-Angry Team: The Perpetually Pissed Playoff Participants

Some players are just mean-looking. After watching quite a few playoff games recently, I realized that there are some who definitely stand out as always looking mad at the world. Therefore, I’ve chosen my NBA All-Angry team for 2008-2009 (playoff teams only):

Ron Artest
Ron Ron is one of those guys who everyone assumes is on the verge of erupting in to a homicidal rage. I don’t know why anyone would get that idea. His recent sprint across the court to confront Kobe Bryant didn’t help his quest to “fix” his image, either. I’m sure he means well, but we all assume he’ll inevitably blow up.

Kendrick Perkins
Boy is he an angry elf. I feel like he doesn’t know any other expression besides “I’m going to literally kill you if you try to shoot that ball.” Incidentally, he was also voted by his peers as the player who thinks he’s a lot better than he really is. I’m guessing they don’t say that to his face.

I pity the fool

I pity the fool

Josh Smith
Maybe it’s because he’s been losing so much lately, but have you seen the man? His body language and constant scowl make me think that either he’s trying to look like a badass or he’s in constant pain. For the sake of everyone around him, we should probably hope that it’s the latter.

Kurt Thomas
He falls into a category all by himself here. He doesn’t look angry or mad like the rest- he looks “upset”. I liken his standard facial expression to be one of “aww man”. It looks like his dog died most of the time. Maybe he has 600 dogs and they have been killed off one by one before each game. I could probably make a Michael Vick joke here. I won’t.

J.R. Smith
He’s one of those players where it’s nearly impossible to tell if he’s excited with glee or about to kill you. After draining a game-changing 3-pointer, you will see an angry face that is meant to intimidate. In a fight, you’ll see an angry face that is meant to intimidate. See image for proof.


The multiple expressions of J.R. Smith

I hear to pick up your daughter

I'm here to pick up your daughter

Adam Morrison
I hate to include a Laker in this as I’m obviously biased, but I have to. I followed this young man while he played in college and looked like the definition of a kid you wouldn’t want your daughter to date. He hasn’t seen any minutes so I suppose he has a reason to be grumpy.  He was brought over this year in a trade along with Shannon Brown. Shannon Brown’s smile is so big it makes anyone near him look like Oscar the Grouch.

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