Lakers Dominate Rockets in Game Seven First Half

Couldn’t have asked for a better first half, Lakers fan. Rapid-fire thoughts…

Pau Gasol has been downright nasty. 11 points, 12 rebounds. Passive Pau has morphed into Kung Pau. At least for this game.

Trevor Ariza got this party started with his 13 points and aggressive play. I like it. When the Venezuelan Vendetta is the aggressor, he is almost impossible to stop.

Andrew Bynum has imposed his will on the game, especially defensively, Hell, I even liked Diaper Drew pushing over Aaron Brooks. Drew needs to let his opponents know whose house it is.

Derek Fisher came out with the steady hand, showing absolutely no sign of big-game jitters. Jordan Farmar might play more in the second half, though.

Then there’s Kobe “Doin’ Work” Bryant. Eight points, five rebounds and four assists. Socialist Kobe is better than Gordon Gecko Kobe for the Lakers. Reserve the Black Mamba for the fourth quarter.

More to come following the game…

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