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Denver Nuggets Thuggets: Mark Cuban Was Right

Think Mark Cuban was wrong to call the Denver Nuggets a bunch of thugs? I’m not so sure he was. Let’s review the case, shall we…

Carmelo Anthony – Appeared in the infamous Stop Snitchin’ video. You know, the one that encouraged criminal informants to stop “snitchin’,” aka informing, to the cops. He’s had two incidents with Mary Jane, an on-court brawl and a DUI case which got pleaded down. This is just the stuff we know about. His wife even recently got kicked out of a game.

Chris “Birdman” Anderson – Anderson was kicked out of the NBA for two years for violating its “drugs of abuse” rule. The one thing we know is that he wasn’t just smoking weed.

From the Cornell Daily Sun:

It’s rumored that the Birdman tested positive for some form of methamphetamine, although PCP, codeine, morphine, heroin, opiates, LSD and cocaine could have produced the same results. Neither the NBA, nor the Players Association is allowed to comment on a player’s test results.

Great, so he’s likely a meth head. I’m sure David Stern wants to reach the NASCAR/trailer park crowd, but that was not the way to do so, Birdman.

J.R. Smith – When the Hornets traded him away despite his all-world talent, at least they got Tyson Chandler in return. The Bulls changed their mind about Smith, and shopped him for Howard Eisley — one of freakin’ John Stockton’s old back-ups — and two second-rounders. What does it say about a kid who looks to be a younger, taller, more athletic Ben Gordon, when teams practically give him away? Nothing good. He was also involved in the Knicks-Nuggets brawl in addition to a nightclub “incident.” Ben Gordon on the court, Stephen Jackson off of it?

Kenyon Martin – Dates a rapper (Trina). Once called a fan a “fat BEEP white boy.” Once went ballistic on a sports talk radio personality, unleashing a profanity-laden tirade that would have made Bobby Knight blush. Oh, and what about his recent foul on Dirk Nowitski? That was so bad I thought John Chaney ordered it. Worst of all — and I am not blaming K-Mart here — Darrent Williams was slain leaving Martin’s party. Crips were allegedlly both at the party and involved in Williams’ shooting. Do most people invite crips to their birthday parties? Let me know, because I’m not quite sure.

Coach George Karl is known for uneccesarrily running up the score. Owner Stan Kroenke is a Wal-Mart guy. There’s a classy company for you. Granted, the Nuggets did move Allen Iverson — whose bark is way worse than his bite, by the way — for class act Chauncey Billups, but four of their main eight players are not exactly role models. Let me put it this way, channeling Dave Chapelle; they might not be thugs, but their behavior has been thuggish. That’s why I don’t have a problem at all with Mark Cuban calling the Nuggets “thugs.” I wouldn’t say it to K-Mart’s mama — that’s just uncalled for — but I will write it on this blog. Totally fair game.

That’s why I’m going to do Dallas and call them the Thuggets for the entire Lakers-Nuggets series. I think they’ve earned it.

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