NBA Draft Lottery Results

14. Phoenix Suns

13. Indiana Pacers

12. Charlotte Bobcats

11. New Jersey Nets

10. Milwaukee Bucks

9. Toronto Raptors

8. New York Knicks

7. Golden State Warriors

6. Minnesota Timberwolves

5. Washington Wizards

4. Sacramento Kings

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

2. Memphis Grizzlies

1. Los Angeles Clippers

Wow, the Clippers will add Blake Griffin to a roster not devoid of talent. Can the Staples Slackers finally turn it around? And what about the Grizz? Does Ricky Rubio even fit? Do the Thunder have to take Hasheem Thabeet? Did Chris Webber screw Sactown once again? Has anyone in D.C. killed themself? Lots of questions to answer now. Now onto the game…

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