PPG: Nuggets Beat Lakers, Steal Homecourt Advantage


I don’t care that the Nuggets have never rebounded from losing Game One to go on to win a best-of-seven series.

I don’t care that Phil Jackson is like 41-o when his teams win Game One of a series.

I don’t care that J.R. Smith had an obvious jumpball circle violation.

I am once again scared of the Denver Nuggets. Petrified.

First off, let’s not blame Trevor Ariza. So, he let a ball slip away. He had several steals and plays that kept our Lakers in the game, and won the last game with a big steal. Blaming him for the loss is like blaming Barack Obama for the economy. Or blaming Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting for The Beach. It’s just downright silly.

Who you can blame is Pau Gasol. Who you can blame is Derek Fisher.

Pau, when you are All-NBA, you have to hit clutch free throws. You definitely can’t choke on almost all of them.

Derek Fisher, you have no business starting or even playing that much in this series. Phil, I understand you trust D-Fish, but it’s time to let Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown sink or swim. Start Jordan on Dahntay Jones and let Kobe Bryant continue to check Chauncey Billups. Hell, if Dahntay Jones goes off for big points and beats us, then so be it. I think we can take our chances. If that fails, bring Brown off the bench and have Kobe and Lamar Odom help with the ballhandling. Both Brown and Farmar have earned more playing time. D-Fish is on his way to losing this series for us.

Also, Sasha Vujacic is dead to me. I want to do the same thing to this Machine as Michael Bolton did to the copy machine in Office Space. He has a serious, serious confidence problem. Why not just shelf him for the year? Hopefully, Kobe cussed him out in Italian on the bench after his horrendous shooting display. Right now, he’s like a way less accurate version of Von Wafer. That’s not good.

Andrew Bynum was a ghost in the second half, too. Helluva magic trick, making a 7-foot, nearly 300-pound man completely disappear.

It’s just one loss, and there were many positives. For now, however, Denver has homecourt advantage and George Karl outcoached Phil Jackson by going to Linas Kleiza. Great adjustment there (especially considering that he looked like he caught a case of sun poisoning). How will Phil and his Lakers counter in Denver on Saturday night?

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  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    Great post!

    Couldn’t agree more with every point you made. Remember how D-Fish was on the decline way back in 2003 when guys like Troy Hudson were making him look like he was ballin in cement Ewings? What has changed? I appreciate the fact that he’s “been there done that” and all, but he’s no longer the clutch player he once was. Now I cringe whenever he touches the rock.

    Memo to Phil: Luke Walton is the WORST option for checking Melo. I’d rather suit up Sun Yue than see Luke try and keep up with #15. At least Sun would foul Melo instead of going matador…ok, that’s going too far, but Luke is going to have to be doing a lot more on offense other than dropping a couple of nice dimes to justify getting more than 5 minutes of burn.

    Speaking of “Office Space”, Sasha has earned the title of the Lakers official “No Talent Ass Clown”. Thanks for showing up this post season. Shannon Brown has earned Phil’s trust and you’re headed off to play with Slava Medvedenko in the Ukraine if you can’t make an open jumper and play some pesky “D” Vujacic.