Purple Pre-Game: Lakers Must Do 10 Things To Win Game Three

10 Things That Need to Happen for the Lakers to Win Tonight:

10. No Sasha Vujacic.

9. Less Luke Walton.

8. More Shannon Brown.

7. Did I mention less Sasha Vujacic?

6. Derek Fisher must play less, shoot less.

5. Lamar Odom must play more, handle the ball more, be more aggressive.

4. L.O. and Trevor Ariza must continue to make the Nuggets pay for putting Carmelo Anthony on Kobe Bryant.

3. No more uncontested Kenyon Martin and Nene dunks. That’s mainly on Pau Gasol. On the other end, Pau must make them and the Birdman pay by hitting his free throws.

2. No Socialist Kobe. No spreading the wealth. As B.I.G. said, shoot first, ask questions last. No bullets left in the holster. Black Mamba mentality. Need another 40-point night.

1. Phil Jackson must solve the point guard riddle, because Chauncey Billups killed us last game. In my opinion, this will be done with less Fisher, more Brown and maybe even more Jordan Farmar. L.O. handling the ball more will also help, while creating mismatches. Let’s see if Phil has an adjustment to match George Karl’s brilliant Linas Kleiza Game Two adjustment.

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  • Brian

    What do you see them doing with their big men. They went small last game to match up with the Denver shooters giving Bynum only a few minutes in the 2nd hal. I think they have to use their height to their advantage if they want to take this first game in Denver.

  • kareemabduladam

    I agree, Brian. Let’s make that No. 11. More Bynum. He can block and challenge shots defensively, while also helping on the offensive glass. I wouldn’t even mind some Josh Powell or D.J. Mbenga hard fouls to let the Nuggets big men know that they cannot get any more easy dunks. It’s been way too easy for the Nuggets at times.

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