Laker Girl Annika

Laker Girl of the Year 2008-9

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Sometimes you just need a break from all of the fast-paced finals coverage.  With 8 million writers buzzing around the Lakers right now, everyone is analyzing every aspect of the NBA Finals with a magnifying glass.  The little things are having entire articles devoted to them and sometimes it’s all a bit overwhelming.

As my gift to you, then, I’ll change pace for a minute.  Here is my nominee for Laker Girl of the Year: Annika.

According to her profile, Annika is in her third year as a Laker Girl.  A UCLA graduate, she is a professional dancer in the film and television industry.  Her favorite Laker is D-Fish, and her hobbies include reading and cooking.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll deliver.  Enough words, just pictures.

Find out more information on Annika in a video she did for CBS here.  More pictures are here.  Extra profile information here. If none of that did enough for you, I suggest clicking here to find tons more pictures and learn more than you could ever imagine. facilitating Laker Girl eStalking since 2009.


T-Shirt and Jeans never looked so good


Laker Girl Annika

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