Odom Gives Fellow Lakers (Crown) Royal Championship Gift


Lamar Odom knows how to give a gift.

To celebrate the Lakers’ 15th championship, superstar forward Lamar Odom has arranged for all Lakers’ players and coaches to receive a bottle of Crown Royal XR (one of his faves) with a custom embroidered bag. Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, hooked L.O. up with the custom order. Here’s what the Candyman had to say about his special gift for his fellow Lakers:

“Winning a championship is every athlete’s dream, but many never get this rare experience. I am fortunate to play with some of the most amazing teammates in the game and to mark the moment, I wanted to give them each a special embroidered bag and a bottle of Crown Royal XR.”

Here’s a closer look at the embroidery:

This is a very cool gift that I think all of the Lakers will enjoy. The big question: who downs their bottle first? I’m gonna put my money on Andrew Bynum. He’s in his drinking prime (21 years old), stands 7-foot tall and weighs 285 pounds. He’s going to throw down that Crown like Kobe alley ooped it to him. I can also see Phil Jackson sipping on his, possibly straight, with a big stogie in his mouth.

From what I’ve been told, the Lakers haven’t even received these gifts yet, as a pic was taken before shipping the gifts out. So, you’re likely seeing this before any Laker does.

(Big thanks to Rich over at Taylor PR along with the good folks over at Diageo for hooking me up with the exclusive photo and story, not to mention a pimp custom embroided bag of my own as a panelist gift at Blogs with Balls.)

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  • http://www.hoopiquity.com HOOPIQUITY

    If they play ‘take a swig for every missed shot’, I’d put my money on the machine. (kidding) That’s a dope gift from LO. The only thing missing is a Laker logo.

  • http://www.miamisportsgeneration.com Miami Sports Generation

    I miss Odom on the Miami Heat. I wish he wouldn’t have left in the Shaq deal and would’ve been a part of the ’06 run. Maybe then we would have seen some of these made back then for Wade, Shaq, Zo and co.

    He’s one of the few players on the Lakers that I was rooting for to get a ring. Kobe already had 3, Phil Jackson had 9 – they’ve had their share. Odom deserved one and so did Pau.

  • LO

    They messed up my order it should have been a purple bag.

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