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Ric Bucher Is Yao Ming's Little Bitch

If you haven’t heard, Ric Bucher recently went on the radio and said Ron Artest was a piece of sh** off the court while in Houston. The problem is that he offered no hard proof to back up his claim. From Sports With Brooks (hat tip: Fan IQ):

While talking to late-night, White Castle drive-thru companion and ESPN Radio host Jason Smith, Bucher said that Artest has not cleaned up his act as a person…

“They (Rockets) simply did a good job of not letting it become public.”

Here’s Bucher’s exact comments (audio link) on ESPN Radio Wednesday night: “Based on the behind-the-scenes stories that I’ve heard in Houston, and the innuendo, we just didn’t hear about stuff. It’s not that Artest has changed his stripes.

As SBB points out further down in the piece, Bucher was Yao Ming’s co-collaborator on a book. This looks like a case of Bucher helping Yao handle some beef, beef which could just be the result of sour grapes. Otherwise, why now, when Artest has left the place formerly known as Clutch City for La-La Land? And where’s his proof? Your innuendos about Artest’s behavior come dangerously close to slander, Buke.

If Yao has something to say, tell his 8-foot-tall ass to come out and say it himself. Don’t do his dirt for him. Besides, what’s he so mad about? Artest and Co. gave the Lakers their biggest challenge after Yao went down. Is wittle baby mad that he hurt his wittle footsy? Is he mad that he’s going to be in street clothes while Artest is helping the Lakers repeat? Tough luck, Yao. You guys got Trevor Ariza. You’ll land on your feet when they get healthy again.

As for Artest, dude’s a pretty easy target as this point. Because he got in zero trouble on the court in Houston, and nothing came out about any off-the-court trouble he had (and it would have), I’m giving Ron-Ron the benefit of the doubt. I think we all should.

As for Bucher, ESPN needs to tighten the leash on both him and Chris Mortensen. I really can’t stand either guy. Not just because it looks like they both fell outta the Robert Redford family tree and hit a few ugly branches on the way down either. I can’t stand them because they throw unsubstantiated stuff out there like it was the truth, and do so all the time. Oh well, in addition to knowing that Ric Bucher is a Bristol B.S.er, we now know that he is Yao’s little bitch as well.

P.S. - Ric, I’m going to demand that you add a K to the end of your first name. You don’t deserve to spell it like Ric Flair does.

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