Pietrus would look good in Purple and Gold.

Five Odom Sign-And-Trades That Make Sense For The Lakers

With it looking less certain that Lamar Odom will remain with the Lakers, here are five sign-and-trade deals that make sense…

Lamar Odom to Miami for James Jones and Udonis Haslem – The Lakers get a sharpshooter and a big that can give them 20 minutes a night. Of course, Miami is trying to package Haslem for Carlos Boozer, but I’m thinking the Jazz will get a better offer. The other potential snag is that Miami can offer him the same deal we gave Artest, but I think the Candy Man will want more Skittles than that.

Boris Diaw and the Triangle would be a good match.

Boris Diaw would excel in the Triangle.

Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujacic to Charlotte for Boris Diaw and DeSagana Diop - Odom is the superior player and Diaw has had some past weight issues, but Diaw is younger and basically the closest thing to Odom that’s available. We eat Diop’s contract, which is better than letting L.O. walk. The Bobcats also get Vujacic, who, if he can relocate his stroke, could really fill a void for the playoff hungry Bobcats. Solid deal for both squads.

Lamar Odom to Dallas for Erick Dampier and a lottery-protected first-round pick – I already hear the grumbles, but this one still makes at least some sense. The Lakers really need a back-up center, especially when you consider Andrew Bynum’s balky knees. Damp might be a role player, but he’s dependable and durable — he played in 80 games last year. Of course, I’m doubting that Jerry Buss could stomach paying him $13 million the season after this one.

Lamar Odom to Cleveland for Zydrunas Ilgauskas – I prefer this option to the Dampier one. I think Dr. Buss could stomach the $11 million for one year, especially since it gives Mitch Kupchak a big expiring contract to make a deal with at the All-Star break. The Cavs are also interested in Odom, or at least the players are. Even if the Lakers kept Big Z for the entire season, he would be a great back-up center and mentor to Diaper Drew.

Lamar Odom to Orlando for Mickael Pietrus and their trade exception filler – This makes a lot of sense to me. Odom would still be close to a beach, and he would also get his dough. He’s also a better, albeit it slightly older, player than Pietrus, whose value to the Magic isn’t what it once was following the Vince Carter trade. Meanwhile, L.O. replaces the versatility the Magic lost when Hedo Turkaglu bolted. Again, we lose a bit on talent here, but it’s better than letting Odom walk. Additionally, I’m 100% certain Ron Artest can play some four. (For more on the Magic’s $6.8 million trade exception, check out Howard the Dunk. Update: the trade exception cannot be combined with a player, but instead only other trade exceptions. Thanks to reader Lil Jackie for the tip.)

It’s more than likely that none of these deals will go down. But if Mitch Kupchak thinks he’s going to lose Odom, it would be wise of him to make a similar list and get on the horn. I have faith he’ll do just that if it becomes apparent that L.O. isn’t coming back.

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  • http://SirCharlesInCharge.com Andrew

    I don’t make any of those deals and here’s why:

    1) If Lamar wants to leave it’s going to be for less money, even if it means getting nothing in return. Dr. Buss isn’t going to reward him for turning down two extremely fair offers.

    2) I don’t make either the Cleveland deal or that Orlando deal. I’m not into helping teams that might be playing against the Lakers in the Finals. I’d rather the Lakers use Morrison’s expiring contract then watch them trade Z, have him get bought out, and then return to the Cavs for the playoffs.

    3) I don’t do that Dallas deal because Pau Gasol is a better back-up center to Bynum than Dampier will ever be. I’d rather start Gasol and Josh Powell than Dampier and Gasol.

    4) I wouldn’t make that Charlotte deal unless I can get Diaw without taking back that horrible Diop contract. Don’t forget that Kobe will get his extension but Gasol is a free agent in two years. Those long contracts will kill them down the road. I’d take Raymond Felton instead but would Lamar want to get signed and traded to the Bobcats?

    That Miami deal makes the most sense but I’d make them take back Vujacic so at least the Lakers save some money out of it.

  • kareemabduladam

    All solid points. The problem is that we might not find ourselves in the driver’s seat. I think my favorite deal is the Diaw deal, and, yes, I think for the right money Lamar would play just about anywhere.

  • Tony F

    If you are going to speculate on S and T’s why not get a little more creative and include three teams. It is the most liekly way we could see a sign and trade and I think none of the players you name would ever be considered a Laker.

  • Al_X

    This list is in no particular order :)

    Good Trades:

    1. Lamar to Chicago for Hinrich…
    New starting PG.
    2. Lamar for Diaw. Except I wouldn’t trade Sasha, although he has bad games, because I feel that the team would have had too many changes with such a trade and it’ll be hard for a lot of players too adjust.
    3. Miami is barely a good trade. But honestly I don’t think Miami would want to trade….they would rather sign Odom to the minimum.

    Bad Trades:

    1. Dallas will benefit the most and it will make it nearly official that the Lakers will have to wait a few more years to win another championship.
    2. Cleveland trade wouldn’t work because like Andrew said, it would be like helping a rival and possible nba finals opponent.
    3. Orlando trade would be both good and bad….
    With Boston and Cleveland next year in the East and Orlando with out Hedo, Orlando most likely won’t make the finals. Vince Carter doesn’t seem the champion type (like Iverson) So we wouldn’t really be helping a rival, we would merely be aiding them to get to the conference finals only to loose. That’s the good….the bad is that Pietrus isn’t half as talented as Lamar….but like the point of this column is, we should at least get a player in return instead of no one.

  • kareemabduladam

    More solid points, but I don’t believe in this “helping other teams” stuff. You do what you gotta do to make your team the best. That’s how the Patriots became the best sports team of this decade — they even traded with the Dolphins. If you continue to become better than the other teams, who cares if you help them out.

  • http://SirCharlesInCharge.com Andrew

    I love the idea of an Odom and Farmar for Hinrich and either Noah or Thomas trade.

    While some might think that the Bulls wouldn’t give up Thomas or Noah keep in mind that Thomas can become an unrestricted free agent next summer, Noah the season after, and Derrick Rose the summer after that.

    If they take on Odom’s contract then they won’t be able to re-sign both Thomas and Odom.

    Hinrich has the most cap-friendly contract in the NBA because it decreases in value with each successive season. Huge for a Lakers team that has to extend both Kobe and Gasol past the next two seasons.

    You’re right about the Pats but if you asked the Dolphins if they regret trading Wes Welker to the Pats I can guarantee the answer would be yes.

    Bill Parcells didn’t make that deal. There’s a reason why Randy Mueller was fired.

    Not only would a Pietrus or Dampier trade help out the Magic and Mavs the Magic would have nobody other than Vince Carter to guard Kobe or LeBron with so they wouldn’t do it either. As for the Mavs, I’ll take Jason Terry. At least I know it’s gonna sting them a little bit too.

  • rob


    I don’t mean to be rude but honestly? You would trade Lamar to two of our biggest competitors for literally nothing in return? Lamar to Cleveland? Why not just give them the title. Lamar to Orlando? Yes, lets take away one of the key reasons we held Dwight to a horrible series and give it to the Magic.

  • kareemabduladam

    Big Z and Pietrus are nothing? Dude, I don’t mean to be rude, but do you even watch the NBA?

  • Patrick

    Having watched Erica Dampier at golden state and at Dallas, that is the worst idea I have ever seen – unless it is a contract year.

    The Cleveland trade for Big Z – I dont see. He is a taller weaker versus of Gasol, not strong enough in the center.

    Odom for Pietrus – I love Mickael, but he does not offer what Odom does, and we have a lot of SF’s already.

    I say wake up both lakers and Odom and get the deal done!

  • Lil Jackie

    Big bro, thanks for dropping some knowledge, but is it all accurate? Isn’t Dampier’s 10-11 salary non-guaranteed (and he needs to play major minutes to make it so)? Please explain how the Magic can trade the TPE? That doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks lil bro.

  • kareemabduladam

    Not your bro, but I do have some answers :)

    You can use the exception in a trade. The Pacers did to get Al Harrington back from the Hawks after they got an exception back in the Peja deal.

    Not totally sure on Damp, but it looked like those two years were guaranteed.

  • Lil Jackie

    Thanks friend. But, I think you can only use an exception to get a player whose contract has a starting salary of that $6.8 figure (which is Turk’s 08-09 salary), and Odom is commanding more. You cannot combine the TPE with Pietrus to absorb Odom I don’t think. Check the Pacer’s TPE and what Harrignotn started his contract at. Thanks.

  • rob edward

    8. kareemabduladam Says:

    Big Z and Pietrus are nothing? Dude, I don’t mean to be rude, but do you even watch the NBA?

    In comparison to Lamar? Yes, they are nothing. Pietrus doesn’t help us at all and Big Z? The guy who can barely run up and down the floor? Seriously? Secondly Lamar IS NOT a restricted free agent and therefore this idea of a sign and trade is pure fiction as of now. Why in the world would you want to trade with a direct competitor? Come on.

  • RoyMVP

    How bout this deal! Portland signs him.

  • Al_X

    I feel like Lamar Odom is acting like Manny Ramirez….He has like 3 teams after him but Lakers are offering him the best deal and he doesn’t want it. I’ll give Lamar a few days for him to come to his senses like Manny did. Miami is highly likely offering Lamar a one year deal due to Pat Riley stating that they will still be able to get Bosh in 2010. So with no Miami, Lamar needs to stop bluffing and join the Lakers. A 4 year deal sounds perfect for him. After that’s over, he can sign a 2 year deal and finish his career in purple and gold. :)

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  • iza

    isnt LO a free agent which means no trades…

  • kareemabduladam

    No, he could easily agree to a sign-and-trade deal because the Lakers can give him the most money. They have his Bird rights.

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