Rumor: Lamar Odom To Re-Sign With Lakers -- Four Years/$40 Mil

Update: No new news on this, and even some conflicting reports, which is why I classified it as a rumor. We’ll keep you posted.

As of right now we still have to classify this as a strong rumor, but our friends over at Black Sports Online are reporting that Lamar Odom will re-sign with the Lakers very soon.

Sources close to Lamar Odom have told BSO that Odom will resign with the Lakers.

Odom will sign a 4 year 40 million dollar contract to stay with the champs.

The change of heart came after Lamar reached out to Dr. Jerry Buss. The two of them had a close door meeting in Las Vegas yesterday where they were able to reach an agreement.

This is good news, that, if true all but guarantees a Lakers repeat. Yeah, I said it — deal with it. Stay tuned…

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  • robjr

    You best be right. Black sports online or else I might suge knight ya. Now lamar artest kobe fishers replacemnt and gasol don’t have any let downs against denver san antonio and portland next year and especially boston in the finals next year.

  • Just Blog Baby

    I love how this works. L.O. wanted $10 mil a season and Buss didn’t want to offer a 5 year deal. As usual, the player had to cut his agent out of the picture to get this done. Take notes Trevor Ariza.

  • Tony F

    Guys, same exact rumor Monday. Until it gets announced by LO, or Lakes its bs

  • kareemabduladam

    I’m not sure. Pretty good source. The guy writes for the Washington Post as well.

  • jrock

    I heard on the radio that Jerry Bus is in Hawaii and that this report is probably untrue. Better not be. That’s straight garbage if this is a lie! Everyone will be so pissed.

  • Brian K

    Bill Seward at KFWB called the Lakers and they laughed at this and hung up the phone. Buss is in Hawaii not Vegas, and they never met!

  • Fake_Black Mamba

    until LO comes out and says he is re-signing with LA im not going to believe it.

  • cavsalldaylasuxx

    i hope it dont happen den laker will be better
    but cavs will still win

  • Custom ATA Cases

    Pay the CandyMan his due! Lets win another!

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  • tmoore25

    As more and more sources are stating the obvious, that Odom is staying here, I think it’s safe to say we can repeat….as long as Artest stays out of the stands!


    Kareem! Why do you erase peoples comments? Not cool man. Just because I called you out you erased what I wrote. You are losing so much credibility.

    • kareemabduladam

      KYFT, If your comment got erased it was by one of our editors and it was due to namecalling or excessive profanity. Otherwise, all comments are allowed, but we have to keep this as a respectable community here. Have to have some rules.

      Besides, I still see your comment as approved and showing up. What are you even talking about?