Lamar Odom is Miami?

The pendulum that is Lamar Odom has swung from one coast to the other.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski and his “sources“, the free agent forward is “leaning toward signing with Miami.”

 “It’s close, but it’s not done,” said one source.

From a “rumor” of Lamar’s return to “sources” saying he’s packing for South Beach, the Odom story has the symptoms of a Favre virus in its early stages.

The next sign of the infection would be a headline with the word “report” in it. At that point it might be time to call in Ed Werder for 24 Hour Odom Watch.

Apparently Odom and Jerry Buss picked up right where they left off. Both sides are not budging and the “sources” are suggesting that Dr. Buss is now offering less than previously.

Odom spent one year in Miami where he teamed with rookie sensation Dwyane Wade. After the ’03-04 season, Lamar returned to Los Angeles - this time as a Laker - as part of the trade that sent Shaquille O’Neal to the Heat.

Lake Show Life will keep you in the loop as this situation unfolds. Unlike Ed Werder, we won’t be told what we are allowed to report.

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  • Fake_Black Mamba

    well we might as well get drew gooden cuz odom is gone. maybe one of the worst decisions an athlete has ever made. i really think he is crazy. he leaves for a borderline playoff team because they are offering 4 mill $ more? thats pathetic. i feel bad for him. he is not the lamar odom i thought he was.

  • Godwin

    Well Fake Black Manba

    This “border line pklayoff team” with Wade, odom, boozer, AI, will be in the finals facing either the Spurs or the Nuggets thaks to my pal Mitch.

    Thanky you, for all the bad negotiations

  • Akbar

    Hey Godwin, can you please shut the **** up?

    Ever since talk of a Boozer/Odom tandem in Miami surfaced, Miami fans have been coming out of the woodwork to proclaim an inevitable championship run for Miami next year. Newsflash for y’all: Boozer is injury prone and Lamar Odom flat-out sucks when he doesn’t feel like playing. That potential team has proved absolutely nothing on the court.

    Given the fact that Boozer probably won’t even go to Miami, please cease with the haughty comments.

  • MV3-2010


    Sounds like some1 is bein a sore loser in the LO battle haha face it he’s comin to the MIA along with boozer which definatly makes heat a title contender. just admit it bro u kno its tru. GO HEAT

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  • mel counts banks it in

    Lamar is pretty good when the defenses collapse around kobe or pau, but as your #2 guy sounds like your team will be in trouble. You would be better off trading wade this year while you can get something of value.

  • Fake_Black Mamba

    wow. the heat are a disgrace and so are their fans. lets first start off with this: Wade is not Kobe Bryant. Boozer and Pau are about even. give me artest over Odom any day. Give me Bynum over Oneal any day. and as for A.I helping you guys get to the finals. he will sink your loser franchise even more. just wait until 2010, wade will go to Chicago, and you guys will be left cheering for mario chalmers and beasly winning 30 games every year.

  • megzie

    I saw a report yesterday saying that AI is gonna retire.

    I also read that Utah has no intentions of trading Boozer.

    Therefore Heat fans, u lose hard. U can have Odom. I used to love him, until I found out how he really is.

    It’s funny in a way, he goes from saying he wants to retire in a laker uniform to wanting more money and not caring about anyone but himself. He doesn’t even care that the Lakers are already almost 15 mill over the cap line. Also, his agent is proving to be a giant douche.

    I dont get y these guys need these pricks in their lives!! I dont get y they dont find a contract lawyer, pay them $450/hr to make sure the contract is legit and then make their own damn decision. Y do they have these loser agents on their payroll wheb it could all be so much simpler.

    Clear the “business part of basketball” is ruining the game

  • Laker Rich

    WOW WOW WOW!!! Lamar Odom…. I feel sorry for you. You would rather choose Miami and not win in the east due to OHH LET’S SEE BOSTON, CLEVELAND, ORLANDO just to name a few Than to stay in LA and Make a run at history???? Don’t expect to win anything soon!

  • Mr. X

    miami is not gonna be a championship contending team hahaha notwith boozer andodom…

  • harry

    The Lakers Franchise is not stupid, Jerry Buss calls the shots at the end of the day, not Mitch, so let me tell you, Jerry Buss is playing the cards here with both Odom and his agent, and trust me the Lakers will not let Odom walk away from L.A. unless they have another plan ready in place. Just look at Ariza, they let him walk and then got Artest, there will be a Player moved and the Lakers will replace Odom. Thats why there playing hardball, its business, The Laker Franchise is not # 1 for no reason, Mr. Buss knows Exactly what he is doing, Just hang on and get ready for L.A. to be back in the Final in 2010.

  • King of laker nation

    Calm down laker fans. We’ll b fine with out him. Look for Bynum to have a break out
    Season no injuries for him. Artest is the toughest guy n the league. Pau is better and stronger than ever. Dfish is still hot. Shannon brown is our next big star and well nuthn needs to b said about kobe he’s the best. No questions about that one. We might still get odom after all the news about wades legal issues he has alot of distractions coming this season with alot of money at stake. I look for him to b keeping an eye on his bank acct this season. Lamar better think long and hard b4 heading east

  • King of laker nation

    Don’t get me wrong I love Lamar. I want him back bad, but we have to know that there is a big bag that comes with being a laker fan and it’s “Jerry Buss’ Pride and Ego.” this deal could have been done but he’s still mad from him talking with the Heat. Funny a so called “great ” business man is mad over some body else looking for the best business deal for them that’s hypocrisy. They were shopping artest b4 they knew what Ariza would do. Ha! U all never thought of that one did u? It sucks doesn’t it jerry and mitch. Well that how Ariza feels. Great move though I love Artest. Just don’t get mad when the same thing happens to u laker organization. Don’t b hypocrites please. It’s not becoming.

  • King of laker nation

    Lamar if u read this stay n LA we love you. Miami (same personnel is still there) threw u away last time. Now they love u again they r using u to make sure their law suit plagued super star resigns soon. Stay where ur wanted and loved. U know if the economy and dumb luxury tax wasn’t where they r u would have already had ur money and years. Yea buss is stupid but he doesn’t speak for ur team mates, fans, and other bball fans. Make the right move complete ur legacy. With more rings playing the way u played this year with leave you as possibly the best 6th man ever or maybe the most versatile player ever (except magic)a good chance of being a hall of famer. If u go to Miami who will not b a contender with or without u, u will b forgotten. Ur not 26 anymore 3 or 4 yrs n la is better than 5 n Miami. But u know that. Don’t let pride and feelings lead u down a bad road. I love u dawg. This is not just bc I’m a laker fan I want u to do what’s best for u. If this was Cleveland or Boston I could c that (maybe). But the heat? Is emotions worse the biggest professional mistake of ur career.
    With sincere concern.

  • Big Mike

    What the hell is wrong with Jerry Buss? All this talk about Lamar being greedy, how about Jerry Buss being stupid. The Lakers took huge strides forward when they signed Ron Artest. However, that is if Odom was resigned. It’s kind of a moot point if they let Odom get away. With all the upgrades that have happened across the league, the Lakers go from favorite, to maybe number 3 out of the west. What is wrong with Buss, is he really that ignorant that being stubborn is more important than bringing back a championship calibur team.

    Lastly, Kobe can opt out of his contract again at the end of next season. Kobe wont be happy about Lamar not being signed. He said himself that Lamar is a huge part of this organization and he wants to see Lamar come back. Way to piss off your superstar that just won you a title you ignorant old man (Jerry Buss)…

    If this lays out the way it looks like it’s going to, I will not be upset if the team falls apart and Kobe bolts for a better organization next year. These types of stupid activities are exactly what pissed Kobe off for the previous 3 or 4 seasons. Jerry Buss being too damn full of himself. I have had it with that ignorant old man and this Lamar issue has turned into a joke. The entire NBA is wondering what the heck the Lakers are doing and they all know that the Lakers take 10 steps backwards if Lamar goes elsewhere. So, you have to wonder what the freaking issue is. Remove the offer that Lamar didn’t jump at earlier and then come back lower and try to play hardball. Hey Jerry, you’re an idiot! It’s time to have a few more drinks and go drive your car down the 405. You drunk!!!