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Odom To Spurn Lakers, Rejoin Heat? Real Smart, Lamar

According to Wojo over at Yahoo! Sports (via Red’s Army), Lamar Odom is leaning towards rejecting the Lakers’ latest offer and rejoining the Heat. If this is true, then screw L.O. If he wants to stick it to Jerry Buss to his own detriment, fine. The Lakers will be alright with or without you, Candy Man. You cannot say the same.

Lamar, in my opinion there is no way in hell you’re going to win a championship in Miami. Aerosmith had a song, what was it called? I remember now — “Dream On.” Put it in your stereo and rock out, because right now you’re dreaming if you think things will work out in the MIA. Even with the lack of a state tax, you will make less money per year. Additionally, you won’t be seen as the X-factor for a championship team; you’ll be seen as an underachiever on a second-tier squad. Have fun getting a big re-up when you have your player option in three years with that rep.

Odom is seriously one of the biggest babies I have ever seen. He should be kissing the rings of Dr. Buss, not telling the Lakers owner to kiss his ass. For a player as inconsistent as Odom, no matter how talented he might be, the Lakers’ offer is more than fair. In fact, it exceeds market value, obviously. Otherwise he’d be playing in Charlotte, Memphis, Portland or Toronto, and getting lots cake to do so. Just like the Trevor Ariza situation, it’s not the Lakers’ fault Odom and his agent have overestimated his value.

This is also a huge eff you to L.A. basketball fans, who have embraced Odom despite his inconsistencies and off-the-court issues since he was drafted by the Clippers.

Besides, if Bynum is healthy and Artest stays out of major trouble, I think the Lakers will be better than last year sans Ariza and Odom, should he bolt. Keep in mind that the Lakers also have Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown, and I expect both to continue to improve, especially Morrison.

If Odom goes to the Heat, it will be the biggest mistake of his young life. Instead of having a chance to threepeat with Kobe and Co. and going down as the 21st century James Worthy, he’ll likely end up the 21st century Derrick Coleman on a lesser ball club. He also will be nowhere near as appreciated by the fans. But, hey, Florida has no state tax and he’ll really show Dr. Buss. When the Heat get eliminated in round two and the Lakers repeat, Dr. Buss is going to be so jealous! I can see his face turning beat red right now.

Grow up, Lamar Odom. Get an effing clue.

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