I 'Jack' LA?

Jack Nicholson Tank Top Arrives: Would You?

Lamar Odom is keeping us waiting.  While we wait, we can look at some of the other things going on around the world like this new tank top with our favorite Laker fan on it.  Now the only question becomes: would you wear it?

Reading the comments on this article makes you think that any non-Laker fan or non-Los Angelino would hate it (did I really just use the term “Los Angelino”?).  Then again, isn’t that the point?

When I read it out loud, I say “I Jack LA”.  Kind of misses the point, I think.  Ah well.

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  • Amara D.

    That looks more like Larry King

  • Elsa

    I love it, I’m al GIG Laker fan, and even BIGER Jack fan

  • Elsa

    I meant BIG not GIG, LOL

  • Elsa

    Two spelling errors “big”, “bigger”, just my luck THE MAN reads it (If you do, Love you Jack hehehe)

  • AmitictElencE

    OMG loved reading your post. I added your feed to my reader!