Lamar Odom Free Agency Timeline – Day-By-Day Recap Up To Today

1. Odom enters negotiations with the Lakers.  Odom is reportedly seeking $10m/year while the Lakers are seeking a deal closer to $7m/year.

2. Kobe is asked if Lamar is returning to the world champion Lakers.  “I hope so.  He better be,” Bryant replied.  Portland Trailblazers are reported to have “lukewarm interest” in Odom.

3. Lakers reportedly up their offer to $8m/year.

4. With negotiations seemingly stalled, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is quoted as saying he remains “hopeful” that a deal can be reached.

5. Lakers owner Dr. Buss pulls the current offers off the table.  Numerous reports cite him as being upset with Lamar’s lack of a response.  Others cite Lamar’s negotiations with other ball clubs such as the Miami Heat.

6. The L.A. Times reports that the offers that were pulled included an offer for $10m/year for 3 years and $9m/year for four years.

7. Website “” reports having the scoop that Lamar had a new offer from the Lakers for $10m/year for four years.

8. L.A. Times quotes sources close with the negotiations as being back on and “productive.”

9. Reports come in that Odom is leaning towards signing with his former team, the Miami Heat.

    As most of the information contained in this timeline was gathered using news sites and blogs, all dates and figures should be taken with a grain of sand.  If you have evidence that a date or figure is wrong, please note it in the comments and it will be updated accordingly.

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    • Tony F

      Once this negotiation is over, one way, or another do a time line of stupid Lamar Odom decisions. His legacy as a hot and cold odd ball clown is safe.

    • rrg101

      First of all, that is not a timeline. Second….

    • Ali Ismail

      lamar odom would have to be crazy to leave the is NOT a good fit for him..he will struggle and so will the heat and eventually he will regret leaving

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    • mel counts banks it in

      First rule, anything reported in the press is hype until he signs with someone. If lamar wants to leave he should, if he wants to stay he should also do that. Regardless of what an athlete tells the press about fans and the city he loves so much it is always about the money. The rare exception being Derek Fisher who needed acess to either medical teams on the east or west coast for his daughter.If Odom leaves it does not change the quality of anyones life, it is only entertainment. Nothing else.

    • http://notactive PaulKruger

      Dear Dr. Buss, Mitch Kupchak,

      I feel the Lakers should offer Lamar 37,000,000 or
      38,000,000 guaranteed money over four years or five years.
      If he doesn’t accept that, he has poor representation.
      I’m a true fan, I watch every game.



    • chartered accountants

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