The Softer Side of Ron Artest: The Newest Laker Gives Diamond Watch to Teenager

One of the top stories surrounding the addition of Ron Artest to the Lakers rotation is the negative stigma that seems to follow him from team to team.  With a history of over-reacting and being quick to anger, Artest has developed a reputation as one of the bad-boys of the NBA.

Speculation and reputation only capture part of the truth, however.  While he may have a thick skin and talk trash with the best of them, Artest recently showed us that deep down inside there is a nurturing, caring human being.

On his recent trip to China, Artest played basketball with a 15-year-old Chinese boy who is the captain of his high school team.  The boy comes from a poor family, but excels in basketball and impressed Artest with his ability.  Artest was quoted as saying, “He is great.  Never let me shoot easily.  Hope this can help realise his basketball dream.”

And with that, Artest gave the boy his (reportedly) $45k diamond watch.

Say what you will about Ron Ron, but there’s good in there even if he doesn’t want you to know about it.

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