The "Kobe Special" ?

Tiger Woods Reportedly Mentions Purchasing Wife a "Kobe Special"

According to, the worlds most trusted news source, Tiger Woods mentioned to a “friend” that he needed to go out and purchase a “Kobe Special” after an extremely mysterious accident this week.

Of course the insinuation is that Tiger was unfaithful to his wife in some way and needed to purchase a ring like the one Kobe bought his wife after his admitted infidelity in the Colorado scandal.

Regardless of whether or not Tiger said anything of the sorts, it’s at least somewhat humorous to know that 6 years after it happened, Kobe’s $4 million gift is still resonating with the media.

For your reference, here are some pics of Tiger’s wife Elin, and Kobe’s wife, Vanessa.

Elin: pic1 | pic2
Vanessa: pic1 | pic2

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