The New Orleans Hornets Are Sore Losers, Poor Sports

Last night, the Lakers absolutely crushed the New Orleans Hornets.  The game wasn’t nearly as close as the final score of 110-99 shows.  Realistically, the game was a 20+ blowout when the lengthy “garbage-time” 4th quarter started.

When a team with a big lead pulls their starters in the fourth quarter, most teams accept that the game’s outcome has been determined and insert some bench guys to get some playing time.  Last night’s game was no different- both teams inserted some bench players to close out the game.  The difference, however, came in the closing few minutes.

The fans understand that a losing team will still try to score points in the closing minutes of a loss.  They want to pad their stats and show their coaches they deserve more playing time.  It makes sitting through “garbage-time” at least somewhat enjoyable, even if only for the hardcore fans.

With 7:25 left in the game, the Lakers were up 98-77.  A 21 point lead with just over 7 minutes to go… game essentially over.  Over the next 6 minutes, the Hornets took the Lakers bench to school, outscoring them 18-6 and leaving the lakers with a 9 point lead with 45 seconds to go.

The Staples Center fans were chanting the familiar “We want tacos” chant when it appeared that the Hornets would be held under 100 points for the game, thus earning them their precious tacos from Lakers’ sponsor Jack in the Box.

Then came the low point in the evening for the Hornets.  After Sasha Vujacic extended the lead to 11 with 27 seconds left, the game was decidedly over.  This was not game 7 of the finals, nor was it an incredibly important game for either team.  An 11 point lead with 27 seconds left means one thing: game over.  Dribble out the clock and hit the showers.

The Hornets were having none of that.

Fueled by a drive to simply score 100 points in order to keep the crowd from earning tacos, the Hornets extended the game unnecessarily.  Down 9 with 16 seconds to go, the Hornets intentionally fouled.  Why?  In an unimportant game with 16 seconds to go with no chance of winning, why foul?  Just to upset and anger the fans?

Perhaps there is an explanation that makes sense.  Perhaps one could argue that they were simply trying to win.  Maybe it was an accidental foul.  Ok, I’ll buy that for a minute and continue to an even more bizarre move that occurred next.

With under 5 seconds left in the game and a 9 point lead, the Lakers simply needed to hold the ball to end the game.  They didn’t even need to cross half court.  The game was 100% over.  What did the Hornets do?  Intentional foul to send Shannon Brown to the line.  I challenge someone to argue a valid reason to do this that doesn’t involve the Hornets being poor sports and sore losers.  They only fouled so they could get a last-second opportunity to break the 100-point mark and deprive the fans of tacos.

While the taco promotion is somewhat silly, it has become a cult favorite amongst Laker fans.  By going after the fan’s tacos, the Hornets stopped playing against the Lakers and started playing against the Laker fans.  There is nothing lower than losing to a team and taking it out on their fans instead of losing gracefully with dignity and respect.

After the intentional foul with 4.8 seconds left and no hope of winning, the Fox Sports feed showed Chris Paul on the Hornets bench laughing about what his team was doing, imploring his new coach to further upset the fans by taking a timeout.  You could clearly see the Hornets getting joy out of prolonging the game and annoying the crowd.

That’s not basketball anymore.  That’s just provocation.  You’re lucky we have Boston to hate already, Hornets, because you have just become the most disrespectful and classless team in the NBA in my eyes.

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  • janelle

    So you dislike NOLA hornets because your fans didn’t get fifty cent tacos? lol that’s a silly reason to dislike a team.

  • Ryan Kane

    The fans DID get tacos.

    I did not use the fans NOT getting tacos as a reason to dislike the Hornets. I didn’t even say I dislike the Hornets (although I did say they were classless, disrespectful, poor sports, etc).

    It was the Hornets’ lack of sportsmanship and class that I posted about, not about fans not getting tacos or disliking the team. Perhaps you should read what is written before blindly commenting on it.


    No big deal. It kept the game interesting and honestly it’s just called COMPETITION. Who cares about stupid tacos honestly. They were having fun trying to gain some sense of satisfaction after being stomped. Why complain about that. They were gonna make the Lakers earn the tacos for the fans and I see no harm in that.

  • ado

    why not? if the fans are gonna chant we want taco’s, you dont think thats disrespectful to New Orleans… i guess they should just stop playing its a good example for theit coach… stop your non sense any other team would have done the same thing.

  • hamza

    why intentionally with 4.8 seconds? iam 110 percent with u man….if its considered unsportsman like to score in the waining moments of a game when a team has a huge lead then this to o is unsportsman like. i too have lost my respect for the hornets……this can be comparable to the lebron not shaking hands incident.

  • Zach

    Maybe if lakers fans weren’t such pricks.. Chanting “we want tacos”.. I honestly think it’s disrespectful to the hornets.. Everyone know the lakers are amazing but don’t rub it in the other teams face by chanting that.. I hope every team gets to 100 points..

  • Chris

    I LOVED what the Hornets did. I was ROTFLMAO. It was the most entertaining thing I have seen in an NBA game since the Warriors eliminated the Mavs in 07. Have you ever seen a baseball team put in a position player to pitch when they’re getting blown out? It’s a joke to raise team morale after an upsetting loss. If this helps the Hornets then who are you to judge them? Are you a sports psychiatrist? An NBA champion coach? Are you honestly telling me that what the Hornets pulled did not add to the enjoyment of the game for fans? Too often players don’t care. This is a game, lest you forget. Pull down your tighty whiteys and have some fun.

    I will cheer for the Hornets from now on.

  • BringEmOut

    Ryan & Hamza,

    Next time we’ll just park our shameful teal-colored butts on the sidelines & allow Shannon Brown unobstructed access to highlight-reel dunks & well-heeled Laker fans to get their precious 50-cent greasy tacos. How DARE we!!

    All other commenters – this longtime Hornets fan profoundly thanks you!!

  • schuckster

    i think we would have done the same thing in new orleans. i thought it was funny, and it gave the fans that stuck around until the end something to be suspenseful about, i think you’re looking at it the wrong way.

  • Justin

    Truthfully, i love the Lakers, but i LOATHE that F’n Taco crap. every game I hope that the other team scores over a hundred just to shut up the fans. it’s pathetic booing your team because they didn’t get tacos. Embarrassing.

  • J

    “I did not use the fans NOT getting tacos as a reason to dislike the Hornets. I didn’t even say I dislike the Hornets (although I did say they were classless, disrespectful, poor sports, etc).”

    That’s some pretty poor backpedaling and dancing around semantics. Do you mean to say that you LIKE teams that are classless, disrespectful, poor sports, et cetera? And you say you did not use the fans NOT getting tacos as justification? Then tell me, what does this mean?

    “By going after the fan’s tacos, the Hornets stopped playing against the Lakers and started playing against the Laker fans.”

    The whole issue you bring up is about tacos. And because the fans got them and someone called you out, you’re trying to play word games and say that “fans not getting tacos” isn’t the issue, since they DID get tacos?

    Here’s an idea: own up to your article stand by your arguments instead of trying to rhetoric your way out of it. You’re downing a team because you think they were trying to take your cheap, greasy tacos away. That’s what you said. That’s what this is all about, according to you.

  • sabrina

    I’m a born and rasied new orleanian and i LOVE the hornets.. the fact that you are upset because we did not bow at your feet in defeat and actually played til the final buzzer is what makeS you angry, it has nothing to do with greasy nasty tacos… HOW DARE THE HORNETS ACTUALLY PLAY BASKETBALL AND NOT JUST HAND IT TO THE STUPID LAKERS!!! LOL I would expect no different from the saints, it is a game to be played til the end! you are a very poor sports fan and the lowest lifeform on the planet… i hate people who r spoiled!!!

  • john

    Have you perhaps considered that the Hornets were playing FOR their fans rather than against yours. I’m pretty sure that the Hornets scoring 100 points entitles their fans to free chicken wraps from Popeyes.

  • Ryan Kane

    Love stirring up the hornets nest on this issue.

    For those of you who are saying they were just playing until the end for some reason, I have to ask: What about Chris Paul laughing after the intentional foul with less than five seconds left, clearly imploring the coach to take a timeout. The camera was zoomed in on him and you could read his lips as he laughed.

    You mean to tell me that was just trying to win the game? That was to give the fans something suspenseful to see?

    Shame on you for being blinded to what really happened- the Hornets team decided not only to play basketball to the end (which is perfectly acceptable); they decided if they couldn’t beat the Lakers, at least they could try to upset the fans.

    And “J”, who seems caught up in semantics of his/her own, all I can say is look at the comment I replied to. I was called out for disliking a team because they kept our fans from getting tacos. My issue has nothing to do with that, AND it’s wrong. My issue is with the purposeful unsportmanlike conduct of the Hornets team in the last minute of game time. Playing to the end is one thing- attempting to provoke a crowd by intentionally fouling and begging a coach to take a completely useless timeout is completely different.

    I get the feeling you all watched the Hornets feed or NBA tv feed that didn’t show the Hornets bench laughing hysterically at what they were doing, clearly begging the coach to take a timeout since the crowd was already getting upset.

  • J

    Crowds are a part of the game. That’s why arenas and teams spend vast amounts of money and time on getting seats filled and getting promotions spread. The crowd is part of what “home field advantage” is all about. Getting the crowd into the game and caring about the team engenders team loyalty, which in turn provides two returns: repeat ticket sales and team morale. Team morale contributes to wins, which restarts the whole cycle.

    Home teams play for the home crowd. When a team plays on the road, they are playing against the host crowd by extension of that fact. Just as Reggie Miller sucked the life out of the crowds in New York by draining trays and taking a bow, smart players know that a supportive crowd or a dead crowd can make a difference in their opponents’ morale, which can swing and has swung games time and again.

    Perhaps in your eyes the Hornets didn’t have a chance, but that’s not your call to make. They made a decision on the floor to give it 100% through to the end, even in the face of inevitable loss. I’d be more receptive to disparaging remarks about their sportsmanship if they would have given up rather than fighting all the way to the buzzer, and getting the crowd into it to boot. Like it or not, that crowd enjoyed jeering the Hornets and getting a response. It’s part of the experience they paid to see.

    Should the league adopt rules against fouling or calling timeouts if the point spread is above 5? How about 6? Maybe they should ban conditional promotions from sponsors? They didn’t break any rules and they didn’t taunt the crowd. They played a certain way and the crowd reacted. If you think that’s unsportsmanlike, what’s your proposed solution? How should the league prevent this kind of conduct?

  • Ryan Kane

    This is not a league issue- this is a sportsmanship issue.

    Fans do stupid things, say stupid things, chant stupid things, taunt players, etc. That happens in every arena. It takes a big man to not react to those things (ask Ron Artest).

    It is my opinion that professional athletes set examples for children to follow. Crowds will never set an example- players can and should.

    Yes, the crowd can affect a game. Did upsetting the crowd have any chance of affecting THIS game? Absolutely not. Aside from riling up the fans, the decision to intentionally foul had zero chance of affecting the outcome of the game. Further, the laughing and begging of the coach to call a useless timeout is further proof that this wasn’t gamesmanship or anything defensible- this was pure provocation and poor sportsmanship.

    Watch a few NBA games. More specifically, watch some games that had one team up by 9 points with 5 seconds left. I challenge you to show me that intentionally fouling in that situation in an insignificant game is standard practice.

    Giving 100% to the end is fine, and I’ve said nothing about them trying to hit shots and play defense. You don’t intentionally foul unless you’re trying to win- do you mean to tell me that the foul with 4.8 seconds left was just an innocent attempt to win the game? Was Chris Paul begging his coach for a timeout so they could come up with an 11-point play to tie the game with 4.8 seconds left?

    You have to admit you’re reaching when you defend the poor sportsmanship as being innocent players just trying to win.

  • Eric

    ITT: One guy whines about taco’s and how its indicative of sportsmanship. Everyone else calls him on it.

    BTW If you’re stupid enough to pull your starters with 7minutes left to play, you best be damned sure the other team will try to capitolize on that arrogance.

    Lastly I think all of your posts can be summed up by quoting yourself “Fans.. say stupid things”

  • J

    “do you mean to tell me that the foul with 4.8 seconds left was just an innocent attempt to win the game?”

    Would you think it’s more ethical that a team and its coaches draw a line where, once crossed, you give up? How is that sporting?

    And how is it not a league issue? Does the NBA not have rules against taunting fans? Delays of game for tossing the ball out of play? Technical fouls for trash talking? The league already has a multitude of rules in place for enforcing sportsmanship. So I ask again, if extending a game and playing to a crowd were such grevious offenses, what’s your solution?

  • Ryan Kane

    I ask again: do you personally feel that it was an innocent attempt to win the game?

    Or do you admit that there was malicious intent involved that had nothing to do with the outcome of the game being played?

    It’s one or the other.

    Would I think it’s more ethical that a team and its coaches draw a line where, once crossed, you give up? If by “giving up” you mean continuing to play the game, shoot, defend, etc, but NOT intentionally fouling then yes, I absolutely feel there should be a line.

    If you are a coach, and your teach is down 50 points with .4 seconds left, do you tell them to intentionally foul on the inbound pass? Of course not- that would be silly and you can’t tell me otherwise. 40 point lead and 3 seconds? Still obvious. 20 point lead 3.5 seconds? Still obvious. 12 point lead and 4 seconds? Still obvious. 9 point lead and 4.8 seconds? You’re arguing that I’m crazy for thinking that is still obvious.

  • saints fan

    U are a douche bag. Choke on your free taco as you cheer on acused rapist Kobe. Black and gold to the super bowl. Lakers will choke this year. No Shaq to bring home the trophy. Biggest crybaby blog on the net! Sad sack Lakers.

  • lsuhornet17

    Saying the Hornets had “malicious intent” is absolutely ridiculous. These are not starving children in a third world country; they are Laker fans who can certainly afford 50 cent tacos if they so desire. This was not an attack on the fans. It was simply a way to bring entertainment value to the game for them, and frankly everyone not at the Staples Center. Yes, they probably fouled just to score over 100. Why anybody should care more than 5min after the buzzer is beyond me. It is tacos. The Hornets players were laughing, because it was funny. I found it amusing that the Lakers fans cheered louder for tacos than at any other point during the game. I’m sure the players did too, resulting in their actions. If the situation was reversed I would have no problem if the Lakers acted in the exact same way. Would I boo? Certainly, but not more so than at any other point in the game. I definitely wouldn’t be upset or start bashing the character of any of their players. You have a great team that is in a great position to win a second straight championship. Be happy. No use crying over (potentially) lost tacos.

  • CarnbY

    Haha, if anyone was in doubt about Lakers fans being idiots there’s no reason to doubt anymore! Hope you liked your tacos, you won’t be getting any next time!

  • jay

    Okay if you like sports you must like competition. Well the Hornets were competting out there even if the game was over. If your Lakers were in a similar situation I am sure they would prevent the Home teams fans from getting free “tacos”

    Even still I am sure that due to the Hornets playing till the end it kept you watching the game, kept you interested. I mean what you’re essentially saying is that you’d rather watch garbage time than watching two teams battle it out to see if there are tacos distributed amoungst the thousands of fans.


    Really? Do you really think this is indicative of poor sportsmanship? What should a team do? Roll over and take it. The Hornets were over matched, so what do you play for when you are losing? According to you, when a game is out of reach, the losing team should be docile and take it. It is your team that has the promotion, and that gave the Hornets a goal. Score 100 points and prevent the tacos. Our bench played harder than your bench and had a purpose. The game is 48 minutes. Some fans are not happy with a win, they want free stuff also. I saw the NBATV feed and I saw CP3 and the players on the bench trying to motivate players that has not played well lately. The promotion itself encourages this behavior. Instead of blaming the promotion, blame a struggling team for closing out a game in a league where odd comebacks happen all of the time. I am glad fans of a 1st place team can find something to complain about and I am proud of the Hornets for competing for 48 minutes. Enjoy your tacos.

  • Hornet

    you’re a fag fuck your tacos.

  • Hornet

    it really is insane you get so worked up, worked up enough to call a team poor sports for not quitting at the end of the game, over a couple cheap ass tacos for the fans. I bet the hornets knew nothing of that and were just playing basketball, you know, what they get paid to do.

    Again you’re a fag, this is the worst article written in the history of the internet. and fuck you and you’re tacos

  • Kobe

    Hey Ryan, go suck a dick you cheap ass bitch.

  • Justin

    @Saints Fan, we won the championship last year without Shaq dipshit.

  • Wiggz maloy

    Lakers should be renamed Katrina after what they did to NOH. Hornets had one “good” fluke year, they just suck so bad.

  • Tommy

    The Lakers fans have been doing that for a while now. It’s not disrespectful to the hornets, I hope some of the readers of this blog can live and let live like the Hornets obviously can not do.

  • D-BB

    About the salary cap, can movie stars pay players under the table? Anyways, so am I do understand that if a visiting team scores 100 points or more, no diarrea?????

  • Robert M

    22. CarnbY Says:

    Haha, if anyone was in doubt about Lakers fans being idiots there’s no reason to doubt anymore! Hope you liked your tacos, you won’t be getting any next time!

    I’m with you, CarnbY, what a bunch of idiots! I can’t believe I wasted 5 minutes of my time reading this ridiculous drivel. Ryan obviously has no life. I guess living in the cultural wasteland of Los Angeles will do that to you. I’ll take living in NOLA any day.

  • Robert M

    One more thing —-

    Whomever actually runs this LakeShowLife blogsite should really consider rescinding Ryan’s membership. He really makes your blog look bad. Think about it.

  • Robert M

    Fueled by a drive to simply score 100 points in order to keep the crowd from earning tacos, the Hornets extended the game unnecessarily. Down 9 with 16 seconds to go, the Hornets intentionally fouled.
    And one more thing — just exactly what did the FANS do to “EARN” these tacos? You really do sound infantile. LOL

  • J

    “If by “giving up” you mean continuing to play the game, shoot, defend, etc, but NOT intentionally fouling then yes, I absolutely feel there should be a line.”

    Next time the Lakers are down 9 with less than 10 seconds to go and they intentionally foul, I’ll hold you to this statement. Doubly so if it’s a playoff game.

  • MarioC

    Assuming that the hornets did make a concerted effort to score more than 100 to keep them from getting tacos, AND assuming that this is “poor sportsmanship”, wouldn’t you also think that it’s in poor taste (pun intended…those tacos aren’t anything to write home about) I would go so far as to say the chant “we want tacos” is also poor sportsmanship on the crowd. If the game is already won, as you’ve already said, and if it’s not about the tacos, as you’ve said, then why would a crowd demand that their team not only win, but DOMINATE their opponent? It seems like a double standard. Furthermore, isn’t that what a healthy interconference rivalry is all about? “Poor sport” is a pretty strong word, is all I’m saying…

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  • LOl Fukyotacos

    You hate the hornets because they continued to play hard and implemented strategies they will have to use if God willing they make the playoffs. Its one thing to practice these tactics in practice buts its another to do it in a game, they are getting the real hands on experience and trying to better themselves and gain something from this loss. But i guess go ahead and just think about your tacos because you obviously know a lot about the sport of basketball which is why your crying about tacos. why don’t you cry about how your bench didn’t play the game out and hold the hornets bench, some teams play hard some quit. I’d say if you wanna dog anyone dog the lakers for not caring about their fans precious tacos…………….your a flippin stooge

  • steve

    On another site, Lakers Top Buzz, we are attempting to get a movement together to develop the “taco” idea further. It could become iconic. Some comments.

    “Very amusing the Taco slant to the game.

    Perhaps this is the Laker answer to the iconic Auerbach cigar!

    Once our opponents hear the Laker Taco Chant being intoned, they know they are Refried Beans!

    As for the indignant other team game announcers, tough luck! It is certainly not the fault of the Lakers, or their fans, if their teams suck eggs. Part of the fun in being a fan, is to dump on the vanquished! There is no question that given the choice of showing class, or free tacos, well, “we want tacos”, “we want tacos”!

    By the way, is there any truth to the rumor that Jack in the Box has filed for bankruptcy driven into insolvency by their Laker/Taco promotion? Will we start seeing Jack in the Box employees in Staples starting up waves, and yelling, “Lord have mercy on our jobs, no Tacos”! I disagree heatedly!

    “You have to have a perverse mind such as mine to ken all of the meanders of the human psyche. You want this thing to be like the “Sword of Damocles” over the opponents head. You want them to live in fear of hearing the Taco Chant. If you start doing it at the tip-off, then you no longer have its’ devastating psychological effect which resides in anticipatory fear. You have already fired your one cartridge! You also risk that the other team just gets pissed off and plays out of their minds because they feel the Lakers fans are pretentious and assuming that they will suck and lose not scoring even 100 points. You also lose the promotional effect of the sports media doing a “Taco Watch”!

    This is something that is most devastating when the game is already decided in the dregs of the last quarter. The Laker Taco Chant has to be something that they think about in the back of their mind the entire game, and live in abject terror of. This has much more effect, not on the game that is winding up, but on the mind set of the about-to-be vanquished opponents. They have to know, for the future, that everytime they will meet the Lakers, that any resistance is futile!”

    “I guess that could be done. The pregame ceremony I mean. However, it must be better choreographed. No Jack-in-the-box guy- probably look too much like Ronald McDonald – we want to strike fear, not make everybody laugh. The taco is the symbol, not the name of the fast food chain.

    I’m thinking something along the lines of wheeling out a little voodoo shrine with one of those wok-like dishes in plain sight, normal voodoo decor of course, skull, and such. Then you have a High Priestess come out all in voodoo priestess garb (my mind’s eye sees somebody like Queen Mousette – Erykah Badu). She bows to the opponents bench, and then two helpers with black boxes with human hearts fixed on top of them, and with red paint looking like bleeding all over them, come out towards her. She opens the first box, and pulls out a little banner with the team logo of our opponent team, and then, and then, from the other box, a taco! She places both in that wok-like plate on the shrine, and starts mumbling some sort of incomprehensible spell, and then lights them (of course, with that colorful “poof” powder to make it more voodooish), then with the flame still burning she exits with the two helpers behind her pushing the shrine.”

  • Ryan Kane

    I was going to stay out of the comment thread as this post is a few days old now, but wow… steve (#39).

    You, sir, have a very interesting (and somewhat scary) imagination.

  • Ryan Lame

    Wah wah wah.

  • Byron Scott fan

    @ 41. Ryan Lame

    Yeah you’re right, there sure are a lot of Hornets fans whining.

  • Hornets_girl

    You tree huggin fags obviously get too much sun while y’all are surfing, sunbathing or chasing celebreties..whatever the fuck y’all do there. The brains are bleached. Delusional!! You take the time out of your fake ass world with your fake ass people, to call the Hornets unsportsmanlike, bc they prevented the fans from getting a free taco? Wow! Grow a pair. Ya little bitch!

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