Bucks get Kobe’d in OT

Let’s be honest.

Kobe Bryant is on another level. Someplace that gives most people nosebleeds due to the height alone.

Wednesday night in Milwaukee he showed exactly why you can’t leave the door open when the best closer on the planet…maybe ever…is in the building.

On the third stop on the road, the second of a back-to-back, when you want you get a good night of sleep before the next flight, Lake Show had to make a late run just to force OT.

Fast forward to a four point game with just over a minute to play in overtime, 106-102 Bucks.

Let’s be honest.

Kobe gets an And 1 in Tim Donaghy fashion after spinning wildy, out-of-control into Andrew Bogut. Could have been a charge but since it was called a block you had to give him the bucket.

KB24 sinks the free throw. 106-105, Bucks have the lead and the ball.

Game over…right?


Bucks try to get Michael Redd a shot, he bricks, Artest rebound.


5.4 ticks on the clock…

Everybody in the building knows who’s getting the ball.

The last two of Kobe’s 39 were the most important. Pau Gasol had 20/20 vision (26 points, 22 boards), D-Fish hit a clutch shot late in regulation, his usual opening act for Kobe.

There is no doubt that the Lakers… ah hem…Kobe…got a questionable call late in the game. No matter what, when the game is on the line, who do you want with the rock in hand?

Let’s be honest.

I’m taking Kobe everytime.

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  • http://www.lakeshowlife.com Ryan Kane

    No doubt Kobe got that call in his favor, but lets not forget the countless other officiating mistakes earlier in the game.

    There were literally sequences of 3-5 missed calls in a 1-2 minute span at times, each going against the Lakers.

    I distinctly remember Ron Artest going for a ball out of bounds and clearly being held from it. The resulting call was merely an out of bounds issue.

    Then were was the technical foul called on Ron Artest during a freethrow. Replay showed he did absolutely nothing to deserve it aside from his reputation.

    Refs get calls wrong all the time. Saying that the refs blew this one call and that gave the Lakers the game is silly- the refs blew many calls that favored both teams and ANY of the calls could have changed the outcome.

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    Good points Ryan

    I’m not saying that call gave the Lakers the win. Milwaukee blew some late chances to put this away so it is on them more than the officials for the final result.

    Plus, Kobe still had to make a tough shot after he drew contact and sink the free throw plus drill the winner so there was much more than one bad call that went into this victory.

    Overall it wasn’t a great night for the officials, you’re right about that. That blocking foul on Bogut wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other blown charge/block calls in the game it just happend to be the most imortant one.