Ron Artest or Lamar Odom: Better Poster Dunk?

The Lakers lost a hard fought 87-86 battle against their bitter rivals, the hated Boston Celtics. But you know how we do here at Lake Show Life; we’re always trying to accent the positive.

While the C’s got the W on our floor, Purple and Gold faithful can take some solace in the fact that Boston barely won despite the absence of one Mr. Bryant. Oh and if that minor moral victory doesn’t do it for you Laker fans, you can always bask in the afterglow of these two monster jams thrown down by Ron Artest and Lamar Odom.

Which one is the better poster?

Artest taking a Sheed on Wallace



Odom singing CB4’s greatest hit on Ray Allen

You decide!

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  • greenbanner18

    Like I said… Whatever helps you get to sleep at night. (Mr. Bryant wasn’t playing)

    Anyways, the answer to this is clearly Ron Artest. Ray Allen was standing directly under the hoop on Lamar Odoms, and Ray made no attempt to block the shot. It was just a normal dunk that looked more impressive because Ray was standing there.
    Ron Artest went though Sheed while he was attempting the block.

    Answer: Artest posterized Sheed, and Odom did not posterize Ray. But Ray did have a little fun on your wannabe Shannon.

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