Laker Bloggers Chop It Up at the Round Table

Don Landrigan is a good friend of Lake Show Life and just so happens to be the editor of With Malice, Japan’s best Lakers Blog. Recently he opened up the international bandwidth for a round table discussion amongst fellow Laker Bloggers.

Among the topics we discussed were the concerns going forward of locking down opposing point guards, explaining the lapses in offensive output and the prospects of defending at the 4 spot.   

You can read the full transcript here.

Hopefully this can become a regular thing as the postseason draws near. Feel free to jump into the conversation by posting a comment or two.  Maybe one day in the near future we could all sit down at an actual table to have a nice chat. Or maybe just have a Round Table Pizza. Either way, we’re connecting the worldwide Laker community one post at a time.

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