2010 NBA Playoffs - Kobe kills Jerry Sloan's Career

The Jazz just got swept, and you’ll see why it might be time for Jerry Sloan to hang it up. The Jazz never adjusted their defense to try and stop the Lakers, and when they did try to double team the post, they were completely ineffective and disorganized. Either the Jazz aren’t listening to their coach, or he’s not adjusting. Either way, it all adds up to a series sweep.

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  • coachNick_is_a_moron

    Coach Nick is a moron to suggest that the Jazz should get rid of Jerry Sloan. In addition to that boneheaded suggestion, he goes on to point to Fesenko as the “bright spot in Utah” – somebody must have been dropped on his head as an infant. This is one of the worst pieces of sports journalism I have ever seen. You really want to heap praise on Fesenko in the same sentence when you are criticizing Deron Williams? Incredible.

    • http://www.bballbreakdown.com coachNick

      Thanks for the comments! Sorry for the delay – I didn’t get a notice anyone posted on this. It must be because the doctor did indeed drop me on my head. Everyone’s time comes to an end – how about just a sabbatical? And I don’t thik Deron Williams is above criticizing – he just led a team to a sweep.

  • Lefty

    It will be impossible to stop Kobe

    The hunger of a man’s desire
    is only satisfied with
    the success of his quest
    Watch Kobe comes alive
    as he persues ring five