Derek Fisher has the last laugh as Lakers finish off Jazz

In what has become an annual tradition, the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated the Utah Jazz from the NBA Playoffs…again…for the third consecutive year.

This time around the Lake Show busted out the brooms and swept the Jazz as Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol continued their spring cleaning.                                                                     

Just when everybody was quick to author the “end of days” for Kobe, the best baller on the planet goes out and reminds the world why his place in NBA history is written in ink and not pencil. After a sub par showing against Oklahoma City, the real MVP did what he does best – abuse the competition and take the hearts of the fans.

Yeah, I know that Utah was shorthanded. No AK47. No Mehmet Okur. No chance of victory. Why even try if “All Hope is Lost”?

Of course, when Pau is dropping 23 and 14 a night, you really have no chance no matter who is suiting up for the opposition.

For those of you who still think Kobe is on the way down, take a look at these averages for the four game series and tell me how far he’s sunk: 32 points per game, 4 boards, 6 dimes, 52% from the field and 86% from the line.

Y’all must’ve forgot!

One thing Jazz fans haven’t forgotten is the departure of Derek Fisher. In one of the most classless acts in the history of pro sports, fans in Salt Lake City spent the last two games heckling D-Fish unmercifully. For the record, sporting  “Fisher Lied” shirts and yelling obscenities at one of the most clutch shooters in post season history is not a good idea.

Then again, ripping a man who chose to seek medical help for his ailing daughter and who gave you 110% every time he put on those putrid Jazz colors shows exactly why the city of Salt Lake still has yet to see a championship banner hanging from the rafters.

Classless, clueless and confused, the Utah fans deserve their continued basketball heartache.

Sure, you’ve got a Hall of Fame coach. You’ve got the best point guard in the game. You’ve even got a fantastic front office. What you Jazz fans don’t have is any taste. You fail to appreciate the sport of basketball for what it truly is – the purest form of team competition.

You Salt Lake City folks seem to have also forgotten how you inherited the overpaid Carlos Boozer.

If memory serves me correct, Boozer shook the hand of a blind man in Cleveland and promised him he’d stay in the Rock N’ Roll Capital. Then he made an about face and bolted for Utah, unable to resist the sweet smell of life changing cash.

Hey, I get it. This is a business and money talks. No matter how selfish Boozer’s move, I feel where he’s coming from. A second round pick that enters the league with nothing guaranteed has to go for his. I’m not saying I agree…but I understand.

So when a class act like Fisher comes along and chooses family over cash – he did walk away from an $8-million contract – you decided to spite him for it.

Stay classy, Salt Fake City. You haters are the reason why guys like Fish love to hear the silence of a packed arena.

Whatever the case, the Lakers are moving onto the Western Conference Finals and the Jazz have gone fishin’! We’ll see you next year Utah. Hopefully you’ll be more mature and will handle a fourth year of playoff pain with more dignity.

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  • Scott

    Putrid jazz colors? Man yellow and purple are so much easier on the eyes…. Jazz fans have passion, i love it. Yes there are hurt feelings over fisher leaving, he was our best player pretty much, lakers fans would be just as bitter if kobe or pau left for utah for medical reasons. I think people from la are ten times as vicious, i could go to youtube and find hundreds of videos of nasty la fans. Keep hating, by the way in the last la times article i read it mentioned utah being the no. 1 place for online porno sales, well cali is the king of the porn industry, is cali the pot or the kettle?

    • Just Blog Baby


      It’s Purple and Gold, not yellow and purple.

      Get it right!

      • cincy2004

        either way, the lakers colors are putrid, too.

  • Lisa

    What the Utah fans did was unclassy… period.

    • cincy2004

      not all utah fans are like this. laker fans are just as bad

  • Scott

    i completely agree that is unclassy, i just think la fans are hypocrits, they are some of the most verbally abusive in the nba. Just the other day i was in utah at the gateway watching a free screening of the jazz away game in la, it was free and everyone was welcome, as you can expect there were fans of both teams but some lakers fans in the front row would stand up and laugh and say our team sucked, and also mentioned there dislike for mormons in so many words.

  • kevin

    its one thing to say a team sucks. that is expected from any arena but its another thing to make it personal and insult a player about his own private life

  • Bryce

    Fisher is a fraud… and the worst kind. Granted, there may be a layer of truth behind his hypocrisy, which he has worked very hard to have spun his way in the media.

    The fact is Larry Miller was a soft-hearted man (note him crying all the time about his relationship with the Mailman), and Fisher leveraged that knowledge to get an UNCONDITIONAL release…. no consideration. This is extremely rare in sports. The Jazz then went to have virtually no veteran leadership and downgraded to Ronny Price as back-up point guard.

    Fisher magically has a contract deal DONE in LA in only days… with our biggest rival and proceeds to orchestrate knocking us out of the playoffs the next 3 years.

    His wife hated living in Utah and he didn’t want to end his career as a back-up point guard. He conveniently used a crisis to accomplish his agenda. The Huntsman Cancer Institute is a fine facility in Salt Lake City. They have continued to fly to New York for treatment. Salt Lake is a shorter direct flight, people. If his daughter was the issue… then retire and take care of her… don’t manipulate the franchise.

    Fisher is a fraud and his comment that “he would be applauded if he moved to a different department within a construction company” shows how ignorant he really is.

  • cincy2004

    you cannot say that the girls that wore those shirts represent all jazz fans. and to say that the jazz colors are putrid….have you looked at the lakers colors? these girls were dumb to wear those shirts. but don’t assume that all fans of any one team can be represented by the vocal minority, stupid ass.