Suns Will Win Series If They Watch This Breakdown - Game 4 Lakers at Suns

The Suns stunned the Lakers last night in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Their bench exploded for 54 points, but the real key is the Lakers Triangle versus the Suns 2-3 Zone. Coach Nick will show you the problems the Lakers are running into, and also reveal the Secret strategy that will win the series for the Suns.

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  • http://lakerforever doesntmatter

    hahaha so the suns are going to win the WCC

    i think coach nick must have hit his head and must be recovering from amnesia, either that or he just doesnt remember game 1 and 2 in L.A and that the lakers still have home court advantage.

    • coachNick

      What I do remember of Games 1 & 2 is that the Lakers gave up 107 and 112 points respectively. If they don’t do something about their defense – nevermind how they attack the zone – this will go 7 games and possibly not the Lakers way. Thanks for the comment. Don’t forget to spread the bballbreakdown word.
      Coach Nick