Because We're Suckers For Boston-Hating

It’s Always Sunny in Detroit did us the favor of compiling a list of five reasons to hate the Celtics. I like to think of it as five MORE reasons to hate the Celtics.

Still not sure how I want the Boston-Orlando series to pan out.

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Turns out Kobe is the second best closer in the game (

Take another look at the box score from game 4.  You’ll notice that the Lakers had 45 field goals, 9 of which where 3’s.  That equates to 99 points.  The Suns had 41 field goals, 11 of which were 3’s.  That equates to 93 points.  The Lakers had a higher field goal percentage as well.  How did the Suns win, then?  Peek at the disparity between free-throws and you might discover how Phoenix really won.

Perhaps the game was called fairly and the Suns really did deserve over twice as many free-throw attempts.  All I know is that the refs decided the outcome of this game- whether they got it right or not is up to you.

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