16th Title is Sweetest of All for Lakers

Of all the championship banners that adorn the walls of Staples Center, none will elicit more feelings of pride than the 16th.

From the agony of a 39-point embarrassment to the ecstasy of a hard fought win in Game 7. It has been said of Phil Jackson that for the 11-time champion the destination is the journey. In winning the 2010 NBA Championship, the Los Angeles Lakers have officially arrived at their destination having completed an epic journey.

Far from pretty and filled with unwatchable moments, Game 7 was anything but a beautifully played game of basketball. What began as a sexy matchup of dueling strategies between the two most storied franchises in hoops history devolved into an ugly barroom brawl between old foes.

Certainly each of the 16 titles the Lakers have won are special and unique in their own way. But none compare to the most recent addition to the Larry O’Brien collection in Los Angeles.

There have been more talented teams in Lakers history. There have been better championship moments. But there has never been a win quite like this.

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  • http://with-malice.com/ Don (With Malice)

    A great win Chris! More than a little beer was consumed whilst watching the game (again) last night!

    • Chris Shellcroft


      I watched the game twice that night, again on the weekend and haven’t stopped drinking since. I guess I’ll sober up after the parade today…well…after the parade and after watching Game 7 again.

  • http://www.4simpsons.wordpress.com Neil

    This was a great championship for the Lakers, but I’d still put 1985 as the ultimate. After choking in 1984 and getting blown out in the Memorial Day Massacre in game 1 of 1985, they win 4 out of 5 to take the championship on Boston’s home court. Best. Lakers moment. Ever.

    Nice blog, BTW. Thanks for the effort.

    • Chris Shellcroft

      Thanks Neil!

      I can’t aruge with you on the 85 team. That was the debate I went through as well before writing this post. It just fel like so much more was riding on this one than in 85 to me.

  • AP

    wow 16 titles thats crazy

    my dedication to lakers fam