The Road to the NBA Championship Still Runs Through Los Angeles

You’ve got to love the modern sports media. There was once a point in time when sports journalists were the sound thinkers who had such a grasp on the game that they could clearly separate their opinions from the facts. It was the fans and their bleeding hearts that were unable to remove their emotions from the equation as their knee-jerk reactions always got the better of them.

Things have certainly changed.

Sure, the fans are still just as emotional as ever. There are a few piles of ash that were once #23 Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys to attest to that. However, when a Douche Lord like LeBron James makes a point to stick it to the fans that have had his back since birth, that type of reaction is more than understandable.

What is not understandable is how the so-called level headed sports journalists could begin to immediately guesstimate how many titles the Miami Heat will win in the next five years.

I’m sorry, but don’t you actually need a team first before you can discuss winning anything, let alone titles? Funny, according to the official roster page of the Miami Heat, they only have six players on their roster, three of which are rookies who don’t even have jersey numbers yet.

Exactly how is a team with six players going to win anything more than a game of tug-of-war or possibly the Hoop-It-up tournament?

Right…I know…I know…Queen James, RuPaul and Wade County are in the mix just not officially yet.

We’re talking about the same Queen James who has never won a single game in the NBA Finals. We’re talking about RuPaul who has never even been to the second round.

D-Wade is the only proven commodity in this equation.

So how exactly is a team that has yet to play a single game together going to beat a team that has won the last two NBA titles and has been to the Finals three years running?

Oh, in case you didn’t know, the Los Angeles Lakers are the two time defending champions of the NBA. All this so-called dynasty in Miami has won is a few games of NBA 2K10.

The sports world needs to pump its brakes.

To be the man you’ve still got to beat the man. That will never change.

Until Queen James and RuPaul prove they’re on Dwyane Wade’s level, they’re nothing more than a couple of sidekicks who could never be the man.

Until a team other than the Lakers is hoisting a Larry O’Brien in June, there is nothing to talk about in regards to any other dynasty (be it actual or a mere figment of Stuart Scott’s imagination).

All this hype is nothing more than an excuse for ESPN to sell more ad space. The four letter network is clearly trying to get in bed with LeBronette. What they don’t realize is that she’s one of those beauty queens who looks great on your arm in public but is guaranteed to give you the itch in private. Just ask Cleveland about that.

So I say bring on the best of the best. Line them up so we can watch as Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Phil Jackson destroy more of these karaoke American Idols. If Magic Johnson had to apologize for prematurely declaring LeBonehead to be better than KB24 then the entire Disney family will have to produce an hour long special begging Dr. Buss for forgiveness when the Lake Show are parading in June, again, next summer.

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