Your 2010-11 Lakers Roster As It Stands Today

I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual person.  I’ve been keeping track of the team’s free agency movements and needed a nice visual representation of exactly who is on board and “a done deal” for next season.  Here is what we know as of this moment:

Shannon Brown remains the only real question mark from last year’s rotation.  There’s an obvious shortage of reserve big men and the actual playing rotation may not be finalized just yet.  Expect Odom and Blake to see the lion’s share of the bench minutes but a late free agent signing could completely flip this all upside down (i.e. Mike Miller, T-Mac, or similar signing).

Lest we forget our two draft picks performing quite well in the summer league- both 6’9″ forwards could provide some bench minutes if they prove capable.

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  • Roly Tan

    Lakers need to trade walton, he’s soft as a cotton candy.

  • Capt. Rock

    A center and more productive forward (opposite Odom), these are the things the Lakers need to address when it comes to the first ten players in the rotation. Is it possible to fool Houston into giving back Ariza and taking Morrison/Sasha. Maybe they can work the same magic that brought them Pau during the 2007-2008 season.

  • Brandon

    What up. kobe man i be seeing u mane i like your jumper and yours dunks i have your jumper and more love it man pau gasol i see u to.. and can’t forget andrew bynum