Will Raja Bell Spell the End for Shannon Brown in Laker Town?

Shannon Brown arrived in Los Angeles as nothing more than a throw-in when Mitch Kupchak came to his senses and found a sucker taker for Vladimir Radmanovic. Life in the NBA is not unlike life anywhere else – timing is everything.

For ShanWow the timing couldn’t have been any better. The Chicago native and former first round pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers was on his fourth team in as many years when he became a Laker. Thanks to some clutch shooting during the ’09 title run and a penchant for nightly highlight dunks you could set your watch to, Shannon Brown quickly became a fan favorite and appeared to have finally found an NBA home.

After today, Brown could be getting evicted from Laker Town.

If all goes according to plan, Kobe Bryant will make Raja Bell an offer he can’t refuse and the free agent guard will sign on to aid in the quest to three-peat.

Elliot Teaford of the Daily News has read the tea leaves and sees a Raja Bell arrival all but guaranteeing Shannon’s exit.

If he signs, Bell, 33, would join Bryant, Fisher, Blake and Sasha Vujacic in a backcourt that would be far more experienced than the one that helped the Lakers win the past two NBA titles, a scary prospect for league rivals.

Bell’s signing also would mean Shannon Brown has played his last game with the Lakers.

As stated previously, timing is everything in the NBA and for Shannon his decision to opt out of a two year contract might have come at a bad time. Bad, that is, if Shannon has no desire to play on a title contender again next season. While the 6’4” combo guard might get a nice check elsewhere, he certainly won’t do so for a team with any serious championship aspirations.

Both Bell and Brown are perfect fits for the triangle offense. Both have good size, both are skilled perimeter defenders and both have a knack for knocking down shots from beyond the arc. Whereas Bell has the edge as a better on-ball defender and a more consistent jumper, Brown is an open court dynamo with a bright future at just 24-years-old.

Shannon certainly didn’t do himself any favors with his poor showing at the dunk contest but that performance was easily forgiven and forgotten by the fans that stuck their necks out just to get him into the All-Star competition. However, by opting out of his deal in hopes of getting a raise Brown might just have purchased a one way ticket out of Los Angeles.

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  • LakersX’s3

    Shannon Brown was a much better player than we thought he was gonna before he got to LA. In my opinion the Lakers got a better player in him than we had in Radmanovic. Every Lakers fan gets excited when Brown steps on the court. Everyone wants to see him do a spectacular dunk that he’s more than capable of doing. Though he didn’t do it as much as the 2008-2009 season, we still liked having him on the squad. I’m sad to see him go, but if Raja Bell signs, will be a tougher addition to our bench. Having Bell, Blake, Vujacic, Odom, Ebanks, and Caracter(or Strawberry), in any way that you choose the 5, our bench is capable of beating many team’s starting 5 around the league. Yes we lost Farmar to the Nets, but Blake is a much smarter and better PG. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lakers will be holding the trophy at the end of the 2010-2011 season, giving Kobe his MJ-tying 6th ring.

  • M

    Id prefer Raja Bell. He plays hard nose defense and is a career 41% 3pt shooter, something the Lakers were lacking last yr. Kobe, Bell, and Artest would be a major problem for any team considering man-to-man lock down defense. All three of them have been selected to Defesnsive 1st Team not to mention the Lakers have talented shot blockers in Bynum, Gasol, and Odom. If Kobe wants him and is willing to forget about the past why cant the fans do the same. I mean it was 2006 this is the 2010-2011 season coming up. I also highly doubt T-mac will sign for $1.77 mil. Regardless of the hate if Raja does join the Lakers id accept him with open arms because you know hell play hard nose defense and make WIDE OPEN treys boosting the Lakers defense and bench.

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  • stewie

    if they do sign raja bell were gonna be older than we seem.dere36 kobe32 luke30 lamar and ron r gonna be 31 this year! and bynum might as well be old cuz he cant stay healthy even at his young age! if the lakers resign shannon and sign devin ebanks well have an explosive bench

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  • Roly Tan

    Shannon is erratic, will only excel if LA is in a big lead. In close games shannon chokes. I prefer raja bell, he’s got lots of experienced.

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  • Capt. Rock

    Will someone explain why, when the dust settles on all these coming/going guards, that Sasha manages to remain on the Lakers’ roster. He has not been the same shooter and ‘defender’ since the 2008 Championship Series loss to Boston. Boston did a number on him and he has yet to recover. Why not keep Brown and trade Sasha? Though Sasha may still have a better shooting percentage from beyond the arc, Brown is a better defender and rebounder. Brown is also better at getting into the paint to either finish or dish the assist.

    • Chris Shellcroft

      Cap Rock,

      To Sasha’s credit he did play well when his number was called in the playoffs this year, not counting the Slovenian Civil War with Dragic that nearly cost the Lakers game 6 in Phoenix.

      But you are right that a team that is paying a guard $5-million a year to shoot and defend should not be spending free agency looking for anothe guard to shoot and defend.

      I’m afraid that there is not another team in the league willing to pay Sasha that much money. Might just be Kupchak’s only mistake these past three years.