This Machine for Sale: Lakers Look to Trade Sasha Vujacic

Wonder why Shannon Brown is stuck in contract limbo? Well, wonder no longer my Purple and Gold pals!

According to Janis Carr of the OC Register, Mitch Kupchak is trying to trade Sasha Vujacic in order to re-sign Shannon Brown. Vujacic is due to make $5.4-million in the final year of his hideously overvalued contract. Based on The Machine’s performance last year, that would equate to Sahsa making approximately $9,400 per minute played.

Carr’s report states that Kuchapk is offering both Sasha and a first round pick to any team willing to take on the contract of a reserve guard whose numbers have gone down each year since signing a $15-million deal.

Way to work hard for the bread, Sasha.

Aside from the Slovenian Civil War feud with Goran Dragic that nearly caused an epic meltdown against the Phoenix Suns, Vujacic played well when his number was called in the playoffs. Despite many of the harsh feelings toward Sasha, he will forever be a part of Laker Lore thanks to those two free throws he knocked down in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

If the Lakers can get Vujacic off the books then in all likelihood Shannon Brown would reap the benefits in the form of a nice raise and a new contract. Brown worked his way into Phil Jackson’s rotation during the title run of ’09 and hasn’t looked back since. Brown’s high flying dunks, clutch shooting and fierce on-ball defense have made him a fan favorite and have made both Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic expendable.

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  • noel

    based on Sasha’s performance it seems he is over paid, his performance goes down a lot, his shooting was below par, I would say trading him to a quality player and reserving the extra money o salary cap will give lakers to get best potential player that will blend on their triangle offense. Lakers need somebody that can take charge in case their big 5 performance goes down below their average. It looks like laker’s need quality center that can control other team big man and also can dominate the board in case Bynum suffer another injury, which always the he got one every season. :(.

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  • Capt. Rock

    I’m still trying to fathom why keeping Sasha is in question at all. After the Celtics punk’d him during the 2008 Finals sweep (yes, it was 4-2, but the way they blew that 20+ point lead, and the way they played in Game 6, made it feel like a sweep) every facet of his game diminished. His diminished game made keeping Farmar a better choice. ShanWow’s game (on a whole) is better than Sasha’s right now.

  • cuilmusic

    I would love to see Sasha Vujacic (Machine) remain with the LA Lakers. Sasha brings a certain energy and class to the Lakers organization. If the Lakers wants Sasha to take on more leadership Characteristics,then give him more playing time to develop this role. Shasha needs more experience in order to be more effective in the big games situations. He has the right chemistry and mind set for the Lakers. The Lakers needs a thief,an “X ” Factor-unknown element. Someone that can alive when least expected. The Entire NBA is focusing on the Laker’s “Starting Five” Who can better fit that role than Sasha. He knows the Laker’s system inside and out. All is needed is for the Laker’s coaching staff is groom the “Machine” for that explosion to create this ultimate distraction. I believe in Sasha, he is a sleeping Trojan and it is time for him to be awaken and come alive. Not everyone can comprehend the Phi Jackson system. Phi should work more with Sasha instead of trading him. My advice to Lakers is prefect what you have and think outside of the box. In the words and wisdom of the great Hall Framer “Big Game” James Worthy; “Fine Tune”. I say to Lakers and to the all vans, stop chasing the dollar, because greed and echo will destroy a dynasty. Trading Sasha Vujacic is a bad idea. “Fine Tune”; “Fine Tune”.

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  • Capt. Rock

    @ cuilmusic – Though I agree with you regarding Sasha’s knowledge of the Lakers system, his one-dimensional arsenal makes him a liability. As I wrote previously, his ‘game’ was right on until the 2008 Finals against the Celtics. Mentally, he has recovered from that series, which has clearly impacted his play. Too bad letting him go would probably not have created enough loot to resign Ariza.