Kobe Bryant Brings Hoops Academy to Philippines On-Line

Quiet as kept, the Philippines is one of the most hoops crazed nations in the world. In fact, Pinoy Pugilist Manny Pacquiao has stated that to this day his first love in the sporting world is the game of basketball.

With millions of fans hungry for hoops, Kobe Bryant is bringing his knowledge to the archipelago nation.

“Dream Makers: Kobe Bryant” is a series that will be broadcasted on-line in the Philippines, concluding with an hour-long special. Slated to complete an 8-webisode run, the US based production company involved is still seeking worldwide distribution for the series.

With Pau Gasol taking the hoops gospel to India and now KB24 doin’ work in the Philippines, there is little doubt as to which NBA franchise is the world’s most beloved. Sorry ESPN, looks like you’ll have to do more to get the rest of the world interested in South Beach hype.

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