Lamar Odom Does the Championship Double

It’s one thing to be called a world champion. Lamar Odom has earned the title two years running as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s quite another thing to actually be a world champion. LO has now earned that crown as well in helping lead Team USA to victory in the FIBA World Basketball Championships.

In typical Odom fashion, the versatile big was a statistical no show for most of the tournament, finding ways to contribute that don’t appear in the box score but resonate with his teammates in the locker room. Then, in the championship game, Odom doubles his pleasure by stuffing 15 and 11 in the box.

Combine Odom’s double-double with tournament MVP Kevin Durant’s 28 big points and the United States rolled past Turkey 81-64, in their own crib, for the first US gold medal at the world championships in 16 years.

Congrats to LO for his rare double. With Kobe Bryant’s Olympic Gold, Pau Gasol’s FIBA gold and now Lamar’s medal as well, the Lakers have quite a collection to brag about in the locker room.

Now that Team USA has qualified for the 2012 London Games, Odom can take a couple weeks to relax before camp starts. Then it’s right back to work, where Odom can work on earning a new moniker – three time defending world champion.

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