Mark Cuban Opens His Mouth, Ignorance Ensues

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban continues to write checks his basketball team can’t cash. Of course Cubes has the dough to cut those checks, the thing is his squad just doesn’t have the sense to invest his funds wisely.

Yesterday, in an interview, Cuban proclaimed his Mavs to have the size and depth to compete with the Lake Show. When asked if the Mavericks can beat the Lakers, Cuban had the following to say.

“Hell yes. That’s it. Hell yes. We’ve got the size now. We’ve got the depth. We’ve got a lot more depth than the Lakers. It’s not even close there.”


We’re heard this before.

Weren’t the additions of Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood supposed to push the Mavs into the thick of the Western Conference race? I blog for the Lakers so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance but how did the Mavs do in the playoffs last year?

Not only is Cuban a blowhard broken record, he’s ignoring history.

Way back when, the Portland Trailblazers attempted to construct a superstar juggernaut with designs on defeating the Lake Show. One fourth quarter collapse in game 7 of the Western Finals is about all it took for the Jailblazers to be disbanded shortly after.

Now, I’ll give Cuban credit. He has no hesitations when it comes to spending cash and making moves to improve his team. While the Mavs do look better on paper with Tyson Chandler giving them more size, they still lack the pedigree of a champion.

That is what Cuban and the majority of the SportsCenter watching part-time fans don’t understand.

Winning is more than having the talent, you’ve got to have the desire, focus and determination necessary to endure the physical and mental rigors of professional hoops.  

Having a star studded roster is nice but having a collection of banners hung by proven champions is better. You’ll learn that lesson this season, Miami.

Face it Cuban. There is a hole in the roof and all you’ve done is change the rug while praying for the rain to stop.

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  • MFFLinLA

    Funny that this drew you so far offsides. What do you expect Cuban to say? “We’re gonna do OK, but we probably won’t get past the Lakers. But don’t forget to buy your tickets now!” Of course he’ going to speak with confidence and optimism. He’s certainly going to say to the media that he’s hopeful his team is good enough to beat the best. That’s not disrespectful to the Lakers legacy. Dismissing them outright would be.

  • JOKeR

    I wish the Mavs had “a star studded roster”. Maybe somebody will gift us their Pau Gasol so we have a Robin to our Kobe?

  • tidus

    And of course there’s going to be a biased Lakers fan thinking that his boys are untouchable.

  • kam

    didnt the lakers and mavs split there games last year against each other? Im a big LA fan, but to say the team right below us in the west, who played well against us last year, couldnt touch us is jut cocky. Hopefully our squad doesnt have the same ego as you when they go into training camp.

  • J.D. Fagan Sr.

    Yes its very sad but Mark is a very rich man but he has way too many dollars and not enough cents…J.D. in Utah

  • J.D. Fagan Sr.

    Im a major Mavs fan and until I was transfered to Utah I went to as many Mav games as possible. Now that I am in Utah the Mavs. remind me of the late 90′s Jazz. One player short, or should I say “Big” just one big great player to go with Dirk. Just as the Jazz were one player short to go with Malone and the owner wouldn’t pull the string on one more player. If he would have Malone would not have had to carry the Jazz on his back in the playoffs, same situation as Dirk, in my oppoion by the time the playoffs get here Dirk is not only one player short of having enough big men to help his goal of winning a championship, but hes so tired of having to play aganist the best player the other team has to offer by playoff time hes just worn out. I watched Malone even before I got to Utah when they were playing against the Lakers and loosing every year in the finals and the reason I saw is because Malone s back was just to tired to carry them all the way. One more player thats all they needed to overcome the mighty Lakers. One mans oppoion. Mark Cuban please stop talking and get us a great big man not a great big stiff. Thank You very much Mark I hope you read this…

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