Lakers Developing Some Bad Habits

Phil Jackson needs to get a hold of his team. These Los Angeles Lakers are developing some bad habits. Derek Fisher called his teammates out early in the season after an embarrassing win against Minnesota. Now, who will do the same in the wake of last night’s arrogant showing against the Wizards?

Just because all the media hype surrounds some mediocre team in Miami doesn’t mean other squads aren’t setting their sights on beating L.A.

There have been far too many warnings and not nearly enough adjustments. This team continues to ignore the defensive commitment necessary to get this three-peat. They continuously blow big leads arrogantly assuming their opponent will simply lie down and curl up.

Simply put, these Lakers aren’t playing championship ball.

When you’re trying to develop a dynasty you’re held to a different standard. Let the fans in Dallas and Utah be happy with winning. We’re more concerned with how we win. And right about now how we’re winning is looking more like ways we’re not losing.

Last night the Lakers had the Wizards by the throat. All that was needed was to apply the death touch. Instead, like some insecure housecat, the Lakers began to play with their prey. Lamar Odom starts pulling street ball tricks out of his bag and the rest of the squad relaxes knowing a win is in hand.

Lucky for the Lakers they were playing a Washington team that can’t figure out winning on the road yet. More experienced teams have proven the Lakers’ laid back approach is ripe for the picking. Just look at how Shane Battier and the Houston Rockets closed the Lake Show like a health inspector finding roaches in the kitchen.

This team is developing some bad habits and the concern is that they’re not being addressed. Phil Jackson, you’ve got to get a hold of this team now!

With each substandard showing, the Lakers slowly reveal to the hoops world how flawed they are. The worst part is this has everything to do with the Lakers and not their opponents. Thus far the schedule has been filled with more cupcakes than a Hostess vending machine. And all the Lakers have done is stoop to the level of their competition.

It still isn’t time to hit that panic button. But Phil Jackson had better have the detonation codes ready. His team is being set for self-destruct unless he gets a hold of them and in a hurry.

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