So Long, Sasha: Lakers Trade Vujacic

Mitch Kupchak finally found a sucker suitor for Sasha Vujacic. According to reports, the Lakers have dealt Sasha in a three team trade involving the Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets.

So, where did Sasha land? Who cares? He and his grossly over paid price tag are finally out of Los Angeles. Good riddance!

Ever since seeing Sasha in the Long Beach Summer League as a rookie, I have been waiting for this day. Even back then there were a lot of folks in the Pyramid scratching their heads wondering how this cat got his name called by David Stern on draft day. Sure, he’s had his moments. Vujacic balled in the playoffs during a contract year, got his money and straight quit. Yeah, I said it and I’m far from alone in thinking that.

Also, I really wish Joel Meyers would stop calling Sasha a fan favorite. I know a lot of Laker fans and very few favor Vujacic. Put it this way, Mike Penberthy still gets more love in L.A. than Sasha.

Ok, dude did hit two clutch free throws in Game 7 against the C’s. We’ll never forget that. Thanks for doing your job for once, Vujacic.  

In return the Lake Show welcomes veteran big man and former number one overall pick Joe Smith. Another vet for the frontline replacing a massive douchebag in the backcourt. Nice work, Mitch!

Oh and best of luck in Jersey or Houston or wherever you’re headed, Sasha. Enjoy your last season in the NBA. No to worry though, if Smush Parker found another gig you can too. Just hope you and Maria like China.

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  • Mark

    You are a total fucking moron. Whoever you are that wrote this article. I don’t even know who you are. But Sasha hit those two free throws. He covers Ray Allen better than anyone else on the Lakers. He’ll do great in Jersey and he is a favorite. The players love the guy. Pull your head out your ass!! What a horrible article! So opinionated with out intelligent evidence. You are not a real writer so blow it out your ass.

    • Chris Shellcroft

      Ok Mark…whatever you say. He’s so good at covering Allen that’s why Phil put him on Ray Ray when he lit us up in gmae 2 of the Finals…right? He’s such a great guy that the team traded him as a favor so he could get more PT…right?

      I gave him props for sinking those two throws. But that’s what he’s supposed to do. He’s make $5-mil to knock down clutch shots. He was supposed to be our Steve Kerr not Jud Buechler.


    I’m a life long Lakers fan and I feel exactly as the article is written… had Sasha not made so much it wouldn’t have been as bad but to get rid of that salary and get another big man is a good move…Im sure the team liked him they are his teammates but I’m also sure they they didn’t like his lack of production and even a true role on the team… as far as guarding Ray Allen he doesn’t do that… what games did u watch Mark because the one i remember was in the 08 finals with the game on the line in LA and Ray Allen shook him like an earthquake and scored the game winner and all i could think of was how weak his D was…. so glad he’s gone and I hope his new wife didn’t marry him because he was a Laker…

  • http://msn zeke

    he sure aint no machine who the the hell give him that name not going to lie i was a big fan but dude is trash im glad he is gone welcome joe go win you one you deserve it the machine my ass