Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic Reminisce on their Laker Days

Through sources which will remain anonymous, LSL has attained transcripts of a conversation between Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic. The two former Lakers are enjoying their time in New Jersey but badly miss playing in Los Angeles.

Sasha Vujacic: Great to be back in L.A., hey Jordan? Even if it’s just for one night.

Jordan Farmar: True. I bet you I’ll get more love than you in Staples tonight.

SV: What? Please! The Sasha was a fan favorite plus I was a Laker before you.

JF: Are you serious? Homie, I’m an L.A. native!

SV: Stop, you’re from the Valley. That hardly counts as Los Angeles.

JF: I’m a god up and down Ventura Boulevard. Don’t hate!

SV: This is pointless. Let’s just both be happy we’re getting more burn in New Jersey.

JF: New Jersey? What are you talking about?

SV: The Nets…the team we play for…

JF: Nets? My agent told me I was going to play in New York. What’s all this New Jersey talk about?

SV: Are you serious? You mean you didn’t realize you’ve been playing in New Jersey these last four months?

JF: I mean, I know we suck and my agent said by 2012 I’d be in New York. I just assumed he meant the Knicks. Guess I wasn’t really paying attention. I just wanted that contract.

SV: At least you got a nice deal. I’m on the last year of that $15-million I stole from Kupchak.

JF: What a sucker, that Mitch! I still can’t believe he gave you that deal.

SV: I know! The Sasha was shocked. I thought it was a total punk job. While signing the deal, I kept waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out. But it’s all good. I’m in another contract year so I figure I’ll play well enough to get another sweet deal. Then, The Sasha will take another two years off, see the world with my bomb wife and call it a career.

JF: Sorry, I didn’t hear a word you just said. I’m still trippin’ on the fact that I’m a Net. I mean, our squad sucks and we play in New Jersey…damn!

SV: Be easy. Jersey is a beautiful state once you’re south of Newark. Plus, you really need to read the fine print before you sign.

JF: I guess. I’m mad that we’re gonna get smoked tonight in front of my friends and family. This sucks!

SV: Could be worse.

JF: How?

SV: Could be playing with Cleveland in the D-League.

JF: So…I just realized something…

SV: What’s that?

JF: Since you say we’re playing for the Nets. That means we could get Carmelo Anthony.

SV: Yeah, how great would that be?

JF: Terrible. That would be awful. I don’t need some All-Star walking in and taking my shine. This is Jordan’s team, baby!

SV: Please, this team belongs to The Sasha.

JF: Are you seriously referring to yourself as “The Sasha”?

SV: Yes and L.A. is my city too! Just wait. You’ll see when The Sasha gets a standing ovation tonight, Valley Girl!

JF: First off, you’ve got a better chance of making an All-Star team than getting a standing O and Valley Girls is a good flick. Some of the best work Nick Cage has ever done! You here me?

Devin Harris: What are you guys doing?

SV: Dev…how long have you been there?

DH: Long enough to find out you call yourself “The Sasha” and that Jordan didn’t know he plays in New Jersey.

SV: The Sasha is embarrassed.

JF: Devin…you play in New Jersey too? Since when?

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