Lakers Must Send a Message to Mavs

Every year the media tosses the Dallas Mavericks into the NBA elite and every year they fail miserably. The lone trip Dallas made to the NBA Finals during the Cuban/Nowitzki era was an epic failure that the franchise has yet to recover from. Still, that hasn’t stopped the ever quotable Cuban from flapping his gums in the direction of Los Angeles.

Let’s make something clear. No matter how much talent you have on your roster, no matter how much cash you’re willing to spend, you can’t buy heart. We heard so much of the same noise from the Sacramento Queens back when C-Webb and Peja were supposed to be Laker killers. Every year when the Lake Show closed the curtain on Sactown’s season a new excuse came forward. The Kings need homecourt, the refs gave the series to the Lakers, Horry hit a “luck shot”.

In the wake of Sacramento’s dismantling, it’s the Mavs that have inherited the throne of pretending contenders to the Lakers.

Dallas enters tonight’s contest slumping. Playing without Dirk helped to jumpstart the current 6 game skid the Mavs are mired in. It’s up to the Lakers to put their foot on the throats of Dallas and put them out of their misery now. No need to give this failed franchise any hope at all.

While it is highly doubtful their current play will continue it is vitally important to remind Dallas how far they are from becoming a legit title contender. The Lakers owe it to themselves as they can set the stage for future meeting between these two. But more importantly they owe it to the Maverick faithful. These mislead fans have been drinking the Cuban Kool-Aid for far too long. None of the trades, free agent signings and coaching changes has made any difference in Dallas.

With his deep pockets, it seems impossible for Cuban’s mouth to write a check he can’t cash but that doesn’t mean he can’t have more of that crow he’s been getting served. Before the season started, Cuban said his team could compete with the Lakers. Now with season more than half-gone, it’s time to put the babies to bed so the adults can get down to business.

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  • YourStarPlayerRapesPeople

    They sent a message last night alright. The message was that they are not close to being the team they have been over the last few years. They have become lazy, with bloated egos wighing them down. The Mavericks are not wowed by the mystique of the Lakers. People outside of LA can see that the team is full of egotistical headcases. Kobe is a baby. Gasol does not have a killer instinct (and is being done a world of favors by having a surrounding cast that leaves him to be able to operate with zero double teams, making him look better than he is). Ron Artest is a space cadet. Odom has to fit games in between reality shows (and his wife is the UGLY Kardashian….notice, I did not say the whore one…..they all are). Bynum is average and looks like a younger Tracy Morgan (means nothing, but can not get past it). Derek Fisher……..luckiest PG in the league. He just spots up for wide open shots. Luke Walton is just along for the ride, and is a D Leaguer at best. Steve Blake…..well, he is ok. Is Farmar still on that team? Cant remember…….and who really cares.

    Every time this year the Lakers have needed to step up and make a statement, they have made the wrong one. I love it. I hate them deeply… a man (except Steve Blake…..not worth hating on). Maybe their next statement should be defeating an above .500 team in their own division? Boo hoo. The Mavs are not the Lakers little bitch anymore.

    Weird franchise these days, those Lakers. Your 100 year old coach is dating the owners daughter (creepy). Your star guard likes to choke women while he has sex with them (but he is a great player, so let’s overlook that). You have a bonafide “bat-shit crazy” player in Artest who is always one tick away from choking a fan out in the stands. You have a reality tv show star that married a girl after knowing her a few months (way to further your career). You get a steal of the century trade that hands you a title because you have friends in other organizations. It is like one giant soap opera, and we all know soap operas are for bitches.

    have a great day!

    Hip Hoop Hooray