Let the Carmelo Anthony to Lakers Rumors Begin

At first it was just barbershop talk. Then it slowly crept into the mouths of the media. Now there are reports of the Lakers entering talks with the Nuggets to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

Can it be true? Is it possible GM Mitch would drop a nuclear bomb in the middle of the season bigger than the Pau Gasol explosion a few years back?

Only time will tell. We all know how these Melo trade talks have gone so it’s best to take any of the rumors with a grain of salt.

About a month ago it seemed like Carmelo was going to Jersey. That never came to be as the Nets and their Russian oil money walked away. Most recently it seemed as if the Knicks were gaining ground in the Melo sweepstakes. Now the Lakers have silently emerged as a contender.

A couple of thoughts on this whole fiasco. For one, the Lakers would have to part ways with Andrew Bynum. I’m not exactly sure that is the best move to make as it would leave Gasol alone in the middle. Not the kind of move that gives the Lake Show much of a chance against the more physical Celtics or Spurs. Second, it remains to be seen how Kobe Bryant could cohabitate with another perimeter scorer like Anthony. We know how well it went with Shaq and he played with his back to the hoop.

Finally, why would Denver give their rivals a leg up? This seems like a bad move all the way around. Denver goes into rebuilding mode while helping a Western Conference foe become even stronger. As for the Lakers, they’d be moving their most valuable asset going forward. Sure, Drew is injury prone but in a league with fewer and fewer true centers Bynum is a commodity.

For now, this is just rumor so we’ll wait and see. My gut reaction is that this would be a knee jerk reaction that looks good on paper but doesn’t inherently help to improve the odds of winning a title.

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    There main strength has been the three headed monster of Odom,Gasol,Bynum. What other team in the league has a line up that strong? Only the Celtics have anything close. That’s when Shaq is healthy. Losing Bynum would take away from there biggest strength. I don’t know if they want to deal Bynum. He’s still young,and Gasol is early 30’s so he has a short time left. It’s hard to find a good big man these days in the NBA. I do think if they get Melo they will win the title. I think L.A will then make a move to get another big man that can score down low. Won’t be as good as Bynum,but good enough to board,and score. Melo will play defense if Kobe tells him to play defense. He’s not known for defense,but he’s able to do enough. I think the potential of the combo of Kobe and Melo is scary,and could work out,and kill our hopes for a title. There is a chance it wouldn’t work either,but I think it would. I just don’t see this going down. I do see a trade coming soon from the Lakers for a guy like Stephen Jackson,or a rip Hamilton.

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    They’ve got less depth and fewer assets than the nuggets. This isn’t about winning. He’d be pushing for any number of other teams than the knicks if it was about winning. The Nets, Chicago, both L.A. teams – they are all much closer to contending than the knicks.