Kobe Uses All-Star Game to Send a Message

Taking a page out of the Joaquin Phoenix handbook, Kobe Bryant used the All-Star game to remind the hoops world that I’m Still Here.  No need to grow a Grizzly Adams beard and embark on a pseudo rap career. KB24 got his message across the old fashioned way. The Mamba way.

You had to know Bryant wasn’t going to let anybody take his shine in his crib. The veteran did his thing in front of the Staples Center crowd dropping a game high 37 points and earning his record tying 4th All-Star MVP.  He also moved within striking distance of becoming the all-time leading scorer in the history of the game. But that is a mark to be surpassed at a later date.

Last night it was vintage Kobe as he was out to prove he’s still the best in the world and disprove a few myths.

All year long we’ve been hearing how old his legs are. Well, he did have knee surgery and has been eased back into game form. So in that case he hasn’t been the same Mamba all year long. But make no mistake, Bryant still has the legs and in case you don’t believe it he showed otherwise in the first quarter of the game by going baseline and throwing one down. And just in case you thought that was a fluke, he caught LeBron late on a breakaway.

Then after taking a little shine off the King, Kobe went into attack mode taking over the game as only he could.

But it wasn’t all scoring and scowling like we’ve come to expect. Bryant also pulled down 14 boards and dished out some key dimes late in a suddenly close contest.

All in all it was great night of fun and hoops. But Bryant was still out to send a message. He’s not done yet and his Lakers are far from finished. This might be the best exhibition game in all of sports but don’t think for a second that Kobe doesn’t know how to take advantage of being on the big stage.  While he was out to show the world a thing or two, most important of all is that the West won and that’s what Kobe is about after its all said and done.

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