Celtics Get Softer in the Middle

The NBA’s trade deadline has come and gone and the Lakers were the eye of the storm. Basking in the afterglow of an inspired effort in Portland, Mitch Kupchak opted to stand pat as the GMs around him scrambled to make last minute moves.

Of all the teams that engaged in deadline deals, none is more confusing than what the Boston Celtics did.

Remember when Doc Rivers said having Kendrick Perkins would have given the C’s a Game 7 win in L.A.? Well, by Doc logic the Oklahoma City Thunder just became favorites to win the NBA title this year.

For whatever reason Boston shipped Perkins and Lil’ Nate Robinson to OKC for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic.

Once the strength of their squad, Boston’s size has just become a weakness.

Maybe Perkins was damaged goods and the Celtics were looking to cut their losses. Perhaps they realized trading Green was a mistake as they were the team that originally drafted him out of Georgetown. Then again, it could be they were just plain tired of Nate and his front running antics.

Whatever the case, Boston has just acquired two of the softest seven footers in the game while what remains are the broken O’Neal towers. Shaquille is nursing an ankle injury and I’m not even sure if Jermaine is on the roster anymore.

Hey, no love lost here. The Lakers have an uphill battle now that the Thunder hold the key to hanging their first banner having gained the Bynum stopper that is Perkins. Right, Doc?

Nothing guaranteed that we’d see the Lakers and Celtics in a Finals rubber match. But this trade might just ensure that we won’t. Nice work, Boston! I hear Wang Zhizhi is available too.

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