Kobe is Morphing into Mamba

 The league has been warned. What happened in the All-Star game was not a threat. It was a promise. Kobe Bryant is slowly giving in to his alter ego – Black Mamba.

It took three quarters and a slight tweak of his right arm to get Mamba to come out and play last night. For good measure, Bryant’s first field goal attempt of the second half was taken with his left arm. Then he decided to test his right and what came next was the destruction of the Clippers.

Mamba outscored that other team from L.A. in the third. His 18 points in the third frame were better than the 17 the Clippers scored as a team. It was vintage Mamba as he imposed his will, turning the game on its head, ensuring he’d get to take the fourth quarter off.

Bryant never had to re-enter the game once the Lakers opened up an 18-point lead. Kobe’s chance to rest came courtesy of Mamba’s awakening.

But this was not coincidence. Just ask Portland. Mamba made an appearance against the Blazers just two days previous.

Like a true assassin, Mamba lay dormant in the grass awaiting the perfect t moment to strike. A brilliant second half was highlighted by some clutch shots down the stretch that forced OT in Rip City. Before you knew it, Mamba had dropped a game-high 37 as the Lakers went on an improbable run to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

These are warning signs that should not be ignored by the rest of the league. KB24 has spent most of this season buying time so that Black Mamba could emerge. Much like the legendary assassin Golgo 13, everyone knows when Mamba has arrived the problem is trying to figure out when he’ll strike.

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  • Craig W.

    Last night was a perfect antidote to those who say Kobe is not the most clutch player in the NBA. Clutch cannot be defined by the last 1.5 minutes (24 seconds, last shot, etc.) of any game. Clutch may occur at any time during a game – tho not normally in the 1st qtr. Kobe mostly comes through when his team needs him and this could occur anywhere in the game. It is this knowledge of when he is needed, and his ability to produce during most of these times that defines why other teams fear him so much and why other GMs and players label him as being the most clutch player.

    The stats players need to go home and watch games, not box scores.

    • Chris Shellcroft

      Couldn’t agree more!

      It is sad that now at days people think you can know something about any game based on highlights and stats alone. Anybody who has seen Kobe over the years knows that what makes him so great is that he has such an amazing feel for the game.

      The last two games are great examples of that. He can sense when his team needs him most and when the opponent is most vulnerable. He stepped up when the Blazers thought they had a win in the bag then turned around and killed the Clippers when they were hanging around in a close game.

      Clutch isn’t about taking the last shot. It’s about taking the most important shot. Kobe knows this better than alomst anybody that has ever played.