GQ Knows Nothing of Laker Fans

GQ Magazine has ranked the worst fans in all of sports. Cracking their list at #15 are Laker fans according to the unimaginative piece. Adam Winer’s writing makes for a good read if you’re a Colin Cowherd, read the box score, watch highlights and act like you know something kind of guy. Examine for yourself.

Congratulations, Angelenos! You are the fairest of America’s fair-weather fans! 

Meanwhile, in these championship days, the Staples Center is more bar scene than sports complex, where fans can’t be bothered to clap—their hands are too busy texting.

Now, I could go into the whole argument of “the real fans are in the 300 section” or the infamous “hey, it’s L.A., we have options out here” but I’m not going to go there. I’m just going to invite Mr. Winer to spend a week in Los Angeles – not Hollywood – but L.A. proper.

Spend a few days South of Wilshire instead of getting your per diem and making a mad dash for Rodeo Drive. Come to Van Nuys or Inglewood instead of Malibu and Hancock Park. Meet the real fans instead of the “fair-weather” folks that flock to the hottest ticket in town.

Then tell me what you think of “fair-weather Angelenos”.

Look, Los Angeles is a huge international city. People come from all over the map and most want a taste of all things L.A. Problem is they just assume the city is all movie stars and beach time. Truth is Los Angeles is a hoops hotbed where we take our ball serious.

Don’t take my word for it though, just check all the banners hanging in Pauley Pavilion, examine how many L.A. natives can be found on NBA rosters or try and catch a little run in some of the most competitive pickup games on the planet.

Don’t tell me Hollywood starlets represent the Laker fan base. Tune-in to any local radio show and listen to how many callers flood the phone banks from sun up to sun down.

Winer makes the classic mistake that all outsiders make. He assumes L.A. is Hollywood.  Don’t blame the Lakers for their celebrity status. I mean take away all the championships and no doubt there wouldn’t be any novelty in being seen at a Laker game.

Never forget that the world loves winners. Without banners the Lakers would be…well…the Clippers. And without Blake Griffin, who’s watching that mess? But I digress.

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